Mayo Clinic Minute: The ABCs of the DTaP vaccine

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Since babies don’t come into the world immune from most illnesses, their first few rounds of vaccinations are critical.

Dr. Nipunie Rajapakse, a Mayo Clinic pediatric infectious diseases specialist, says the “D” in “DTaP” stands for diphtheria.

But cases still occur, and kids who get it risk bad effects on the heart and other organs.

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Amish Electrician . 2020-01-28
Vaccines are bad
121 2 . Reply
Alan R . 2020-01-10
Cringe at the anti-vax losers in these comments. Thanks to you idiots there have been a huge increase in deaths due to a resurgence in Measles and other disease states.
121 2 . Reply
John Rider . 2019-12-23
Funny hows its all freaking propaganda and they never ever tell you about the thousands that get sick from the shots
121 2 . Reply
Mallory Monster . 2019-11-04
It’s so sad that those doctors probably don’t even know what EXACTLY they’re doing to those babies
121 2 . Reply
Kinipela jencat . 2019-08-04
121 2 . Reply
RICH . 2019-07-20
Trash video
121 2 . Reply
Needless Needles . 2019-05-30
This video should also inform people of the risk factors and permanent side affects vaccines can and have caused. There’s two sides to the needle not just one. Informed consent y’all!
121 2 . Reply
Legend of a Reverse Cowgirl . 2019-04-29
Omg, these babies are super cute!!
121 2 . Reply
InfusedSediment . 2019-04-11
For many years children received 237 micrograms (mcg) of mercury in vaccinesduring their first two years of life. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA), recommended “safe” level (to ingest, not inject) is 1/10th of 1mcg per kilogram a day. Vaccines have far exceed these levels. Many people now question if thimerosal in vaccines contributes to the striking rise in autism that has occurred right alongside the increased number of vaccines.

Injected mercury is different than ingested mercury. In fact, it is 100 times more toxic and is associated with neurological damage. Mercury is 500 times more toxic than lead and is second only to Plutonium as the most toxicmetal known to man. Mercury poisoning and the symptoms of autism are strikingly similar. In addition, mercury is a known carcinogen. Ironically, cancer is the leading cause of death to children past infancy. Could taking combined vaccines with mercury be contributing to cancer in our children?

Mercury is one of the most harmful ingredients in vaccines. A rabbit will die if given a mere 35 mcgs. Many people have mercury amalgam fillings. Having these type fillings complicates matters by creating a build up of mercury in the body. Why on earth are we putting one of the most toxic substances known to man in a vaccine?

There are NO safe amounts of mercury established for humans. Children receive combined vaccines that can build up mercury in the body and cause problems. Not one study exists showing it’s safe to inject mercury into humans.
121 2 . Reply