How to Prevent and Treat Chafing Caused by Running

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How to Prevent and Treat Chafing Caused by Running


Chafing is a very common problem among runners, which is a painful stinging or burning sensation. The area is usually raw and red. Chafing is caused by repeated motion -- specifically, skin rubbing against loose fabric or other skin.

Try to Stay Dry
Put talcum or baby powder over areas that are prone to chafing, because these help keep those areas dry and prevent friction when skin rubs against skin or clothes.
You Need to Lube up
Rub petroleum jelly or BodyGlide on the inner thighs to avoid chafing. Petroleum jelly creates a slippery surface so your legs slide comfortably past each other.
Cover the Nipples.
To reduce nipple chafing, use waterproof bandages, patches or petroleum jelly to prevent discomfort if they tend to get irritated when you're running.

Wick Away the Sweat
When running, wear synthetic clothing to help keep you dry and minimizes friction on your skin. Do not exercise in cotton. Don’t wear cotton because the constant moving can rub your skin raw.
Clothes that Fit
Choose snug-fitting clothes like a compassion shirts or tights. Shorts or sports bras that are too tight or too loose will create friction and rubbing. Look for smooth seams and no tags clothing.
Treatment: Once you are chafed, treat the area like an open wound. Wash and clean with antiseptic to prevent infection and cover with a sterile gauze pad that allows the area to breathe until it is healed.


How to Prevent and Treat Chafing Caused by Running


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