Facebook Marketing For Business - 4 Best Tips

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#1) Run Video Ads – You have to have a video when launching your ad. Video ads allow you develop out a stronger audience as you can build an audience for remarketing on how long people are watching your videos. When you combine both video and remarketing on top of that you will see a lift in conversion rates. Example : We ran a targeted video campaign for the Denver Broncos highlighting Fitness franchises at Sports Authority field. This campaign was designed to promote an upcoming event to sell fitness franchises. When we started building the audience and remarketing we saw an increase in event subscriptions that led to the sell of 12 franchises at 150K a piece.

#2) Target the Correct Audience – It is imperative that you understand the audience you are trying to target. Facebook has numerous options available to build a targeted audience. - Location, Demographics (age, gender, relationship status, education, work info, etc), Interests (literally anything, food, travel, sports, brands, style, topics, etc) and more. Keep in mind to layer the targeting as your narrow the audience as this will make your ads more relevant which is an important metric for understanding your relevancy score. Broncos Ex - Target 100 miles around Denver, age 25-45 fitness professionals, interested in fitness and franchises.

#3) Understand the type of campaign you want to build – For example, a brand campaign is different than a like campaign. Lead ads are different than just driving traffic to the site. While these option are all good you need to have a strategy in place to support the campaign type. For example:

-Brand Campaign – This ad creative is designed to drive brand awareness. If you run this campaign type it is important to measure the direct traffic response you get in analytics to better understand campaign performance

-Like Campaign – This ad creative is designed to increase the following on your Facebook page. If you run this type of creative you should pair it with a remarketing campaign so you can drive conversions to this audience

-Lead Ads – This is a powerful ad creative. Keep in mind to really leverage this creative it is important that the campaign leads tie into a CRM for marketing automation

-Traffic – This ad creative is designed to drive traffic to a landing page on your site. If you select this creative make sure to remarket to the traffic that lands on the landing page but didn’t convert. This will keep your brand top of mind with the consumer.

#4) Continually design new creative – Ad rotation and design is important to stay top of mind. As you reach maximum reach on your audience create new designs and messaging to extend the life of the campaign. It is also important that your are tracking the conversions on all your audiences so that you can create a combination list so that all future ad creatives after conversion do not see the ad. This style of campaign build is designed to target new customers and acquisition efforts.


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Facebook marketing for business is HUGE! So in this video, we’re going to break down 4 of the best tips for success!


Presented by: JB Kellogg

JB Kellogg is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Madwire®. Madwire's brands Marketing 360® and Top Rated Local® are popular platforms used to help small businesses grow. Madwire was founded in 2009 and has since grown to nearly 1,000 people and over 100MM in annual revenue. JB & Co-CEO Joe Kellogg were recognized as Glassdoor's Highest Rated CEOs for 3 consecutive years (#1 overall in 2016). JB is passionate about small business marketing, leadership, sales, team culture and more and often shares the tips, tricks and strategies he's learned in life and while growing Madwire.

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