HIRSCHKLEBER Experiment!!! | Leather Glue Review

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leathertoolz . 2017-12-13
You can buy it here: http://amzn.to/2jGccpE
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Sandra White . 2019-04-24
BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!! Everything I make is sewn. I'm going use it very watered down to burnish my edges. I used to use that yellow library glue that came in an hour glass bottle with the rubber stopper watered down to burnish. Can't find it any more and have to use gum tragacanth which wears me out and doesn't do near as good a job. Now I won't have to go outside to glue things together either. Not ditching the Barge though. Just in case, I'll let you know how it goes. THANK YOU! www.chaplady.com
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Florian Dostal . 2019-03-28
Its not made for a strong connection between two leather. It is the best for sick leather together with inlays or covers (laminate) like textiles, felt, cardboard, paper,...etc., because it dosen't seep through thin materials.
Because of his propperties, it is good if you sew your projects. Your needle will stay "glue-free". Specialy if you use a Sewmachine you will know what that mean.

Source: A german onlineshop for shoemakers.

"Hirschkleber wird vorwiegend für Kaschierarbeiten verwendet und ist nicht geeignet um z.B. Sohlen mit dem Schuh zu verkleben."


I'm german, but excuse me my bad englisch. I just found your two video at my search about who to use this glue. Than I looked for a description at the onlineshops and found the answer.
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Prepperjon . 2018-06-03
I’m reading all these comments about how this glue is used for shoes and I’m thinking I’m glad my boots aren’t made with this stuff! They would have fallen apart years ago. Of all the things a person wears or uses shoes get the most water on or in them. 15 minutes in the water and zippp apart the leather went lol. No way this stuff is getting anywhere near my leather work. I’ll stick with Barge or Dap weldwood. I’ve never had a problem with either. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it lol. And yes I’m one of the sheath guys from the other video. Anyways thank you for making this video you did a great job as always. It’s why I’m a subscriber. I love your channel especially when you show us something that doesn’t work. Heck that’s just as important and maybe more so than always showing what does work. Hope you don’t mind but I mention your channel every time I comment on some other video lol. Just trying to send some viewers your way lol. Cheers mate
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Kinnari Leather . 2017-12-17
This glue is used in shoe making to glue the toe and heel cap in place. If applied in the right amount, it makes the caps very rigid and stiff. Also, you usually apply it with your finger by rubbing it into the leather. Just if you were interested :-)
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Mike Boone . 2017-12-10
Toolz, I would very much like to thank you for following through with the testing and answering my questions I'm the sheath guy looks to me like it would have zero application in my world . But in the fashion industry where weather is not a primary concern the ease of application and the use of 50% less glue is probably a good thing but that is just a guess on my part . Any way keep up the good work your doing us all a great favor by delving into to different things . Happy Trails young man .
121 2 . Reply
Dmitry Zorin . 2017-12-10
Thanks a lot! cool test!!! and its still a really good product! HIRSCHKLEBER Glue is non-toxic and it is dextrine glue and dextrins are white, yellow (our glue), or brown powders that are partially or fully water-soluble. Most common is potato starch to produce the dextrine or maybe hooves of calves for that glue... And its more flexible after it dries, perfect for high quality leather shoes or smth els for sure.. So its better to think twice when you gonna use it!
121 2 . Reply
John Bacon . 2017-12-10
Nice one, cheers. 🖒
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