How to Make Gold On ESO: Dreugh Wax Farming (Orsinium)

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This video is to Show players how they can farm Dreugh Wax, Rubedo Scraps and Champion Points. In the video I said skill points but I meant champion points.

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Music: Elder Scrolls Online Soundtrack, My own music inspired by ESO for intro, My own music for montage.

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How To How To Make ESO Elder Scrolls Online Gold Money Farming Dreugh Wax Bears Harpies Wrothgar Orsinium Old Orsinium Fast Making Rich How To Get Rubedo Hide Scraps Champion Points Skill

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    Popular Comments:

Michael Lenhardt . 2020-01-29
This is no longer a good place to farm
121 2 . Reply
Jesse Sessions . 2019-04-02
Refining Material Is How You Get It. Only From CP 150-160 Gear Only. 😍
121 2 . Reply
Rob Shawe . 2018-01-12
You havent actually explained where you get the Dreugh wax from so you get a thumbs down.
121 2 . Reply
Tony Alvarado . 2017-04-19
I dont understand why they keep fucking patching everything. Why make it more difficult than it already is ffs!
121 2 . Reply
Pel's Channel . 2016-12-17
So last year. Keep up ffs
121 2 . Reply
COB-Commander . 2016-11-25
Its patched?
121 2 . Reply
LegenDofNat . 2016-11-12
did they patch it ?
121 2 . Reply
Member Berries . 2016-11-02
Ew gaystation user
121 2 . Reply
Noah Burkett . 2016-10-09
Who the fuck is Roberto?
121 2 . Reply
Kim Dixon . 2016-09-19
Awesome video!!..Loved the add of the guitar!!Rock it out!!..Great info!!..
121 2 . Reply
Stephen Hulse . 2016-09-19
this is old and its been patched drops use to be alot better, plus your doing it wrong you missed out on so much more lol
121 2 . Reply