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Jock Itch

Jock itch is often he subject of locker room joking, but it's not funny if you have it. Jock itch is a distressing, persistent fungal infection that affects the inner thighs, the buttocks and the genitals, usually -- but not exclusively -- in males. This fungal infection can cause a red, ring shaped rash and is very itchy. This area is most prone because it is moist and warm. People who are physically active, or "jocks," often sweat more in this area and are at higher risk.

Jock itch is also common in people who are overweight. The infection is bothersome and very uncomfortable but is pretty simple to treat. The only cases where jock itch can be very serious are in people with weakened immune systems.

Here are some symptoms of jock itch:

* Burning sensation in the groin area

* Dry skin, flaking or peeling of the skin in the groin area

* Itching and redness in the groin- including the genitals, buttocks, anal area and inner thighs

You may find that wearing underwear is very uncomfortable and anything that comes into contact with the infected area increases the pain and itching. Walking, exercising and wearing jeans or tight pants can also make the symptoms worse.

Even if you think what you have is jock itch, it’s always helpful to see your doctor to be sure your infection is not some other type of skin disorder. Skin samples may be needed for testing to determine the cause and the best treatment.

If you’re prone to frequent outbreaks of jock itch, talk to your doctor about possible causes and how you can prevent it in the future.

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Terk strategraffvandal . 2020-02-16
I think a stripper gave me this shit..im scared to go to doctor ha
121 2 . Reply
Charles Reid . 2020-02-08
A complete waste of time no information on how to cure
121 2 . Reply
Rajiv dixit treatment . 2020-01-07
Bhaiyon hatao Angreji medicine Or desi me aao ye sab dhakosle hain
121 2 . Reply
ohcustoms love child . 2020-01-05
bruh i aint even fuck and my pp itch mainly on my legs
121 2 . Reply
UnK0wN Us3r . 2020-01-02
Skin testing on the testicles boi I am out
121 2 . Reply
girl dreamer . 2019-12-04
Im only 1 why am i watching this, imma call my mama
121 2 . Reply
zappy do . 2019-11-16
so even this useless video has no cure
121 2 . Reply
Pong Pong . 2019-11-15
I used expensive antibacterial creams but not work..70% isoprophyl alcohol is the best cure, for only 1 week my jock itch gone. Twice a day i wash soap and dry and put alcohol directly to the affected area. Stinging sensation will be there but gone later on.
121 2 . Reply
Kepurl . 2019-11-12
This is so painful 😓😓😓😨
121 2 . Reply
LavaFlames . 2019-11-12
I am fucking 14 and I can’t control myself cuz of these what do I do help
121 2 . Reply
dazza944 . 2019-11-11
I have a sore rash right at the top of my inside leg......in the crease of the skin.....
It’s sore to touch, feels hot.
I smothered it with cold moisture cream and sleep with my leg in the air in front of a fan.
It subsided and goes but always returns if I’ve had a physical day
121 2 . Reply
Bajan Roblox . 2019-11-05
I’m not pain just super itchy
121 2 . Reply
Jason King . 2019-11-01
121 2 . Reply
alpha helix . 2019-10-29
im only 12 whg did i watch this? idrk
121 2 . Reply
VINE LORD . 2019-10-29
I’m only 12
121 2 . Reply
jack plumber . 2019-10-28
Use baby powder
121 2 . Reply
Vx-King . 2019-10-18
Yo I have that bro I’m only 12
121 2 . Reply
he lly . 2019-09-22
this vid is trash bro, says it's easy to deal with yet doesnt provide any info on how to do it.....
121 2 . Reply
Will Campbell . 2019-08-30
So sorry for the men suffering from this. I use a penis health creme daily after showering and finding one with a variety of nutrients like vitamins and amino acids. Make sure there's a moisturizing property too like shea butter, that'll keep you extra soft.
121 2 . Reply