How to Apply Adhesive Vinyl on a Curved Surface Amy

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Have you tried applying vinyl to a curved surface? It takes a little practice, or at least a great video to show you some tips and tricks. We're here to do just that.

Amy will explain a couple different techniques she uses that help in applying vinyl to a glass or or other curved surfaces.

The first one she talks about is cutting around the letters as close as possible. This gives you a little more flexibility for words, especially those a little longer. The second tip she gives you is to mark a line on the transfer tape and use that as your center point. From there you adhere the center and move out. This helps with longer words and allows the letters to be a little flexible around the curves.

One of our favorite types of vinyl for these projects is the Glitter Adhesive Vinyl. It is a permanent vinyl and will work in your Cricut, Silhouette, Brother or other cutting machines.

You can find the vinyl here - https://expressionsvinyl.com/permanent-adhesive-vinyl/glitter/
You can find the paper transfer tape that she used here - https://expressionsvinyl.com/transfer-tape/paper/

Expressions Vinyl gives inspired crafters the tools and resources to bring their visions to life. Founded in 2008, and one of the original pioneers in the craft vinyl niche, Expressions Vinyl has created the benchmark and established its reputation for providing the best vinyl and customer service in the industry.

Always striving to provide value to our fans, this YouTube channel is one way of giving as much value as possible.

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Alaxx R . 2020-02-13
Are these vinyl adhesives washable or is there an extra step to make them stay?
121 2 . Reply
Toya Morgan . 2020-02-05
Where can i get the letters from? Dis you use a computer?
121 2 . Reply
April Most . 2019-09-23
What font are these
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what about covering a smaller cup with a solid color??
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Miss Melissa . 2019-08-29
What about doing something smaller and covering the whole cup?
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Cindi Loo . 2019-05-14
They look gorgeous and you make it look so easy. Thank you so much.
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Cindy Bridge . 2019-04-12
that pillow idea so smart Im really going to use that I have one just sitting
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Sharon O'Connell . 2019-03-04
Thank you. Very helpful
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Jeannette S. Riddick . 2019-02-25
this is great, never thought of the pillow. How do I measure the size?
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Loida Herrero . 2019-01-28
Great, thank you for sharing
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Kimberly McGinister . 2019-01-06
You the bomb dot com girl
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Richard Clavering . 2018-11-21
Hi Is that regular vinyl or permanent vinyl you are using
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YG Schjoneman . 2018-11-11
Very easy, Thanks so Much!
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maha alammar . 2018-11-05
is the vinyl waterproof?
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Julia Maake . 2018-10-16
Can't I just print the words out ?
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Kelly Parker . 2018-08-29
where can you get the paper transfer tape?
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ThaMCE . 2018-07-31
OMG I am so using a travel pillow next time!
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Jean Bethea . 2018-04-29
Thanks great idea ,,,
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Dyane Downs . 2018-04-26
Oh the pillow idea is brilliant! Thank you:)
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LadyC25 . 2018-04-04
what type of mat are you working on.
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Kimberly Hall . 2018-04-04
Can the 51 series survive a dishwasher?
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Leticia M . 2018-04-03
Great tip regarding using a neck pillow!!! Thanks!
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