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Learn about how Pertussis vaccines work:

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Vaccine (Drug Class) Health (Industry) Infectious Disease (Medical Specialty) Pertussis (Disease Or Medical Condition) Pertussis Vaccine (Drug)

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liotube7 . 2019-05-06
Thank you for all the efforts for making this educational information video. However I would like to add some more insightful info and some corrections...
Australia ...about 24 milion got 150,000 cases of pertusis between 2008 to 2012 despite very high vaccination rate in infants and children... Which shows the bacterium is evolving!... Not because unvaccinated population increased transmission!!

Another example, during whooping cough outbreak in florida preschool from September 2013 to january 2014, 50% of infected where fully vaccinated .and ONLY 5 out of 117- child preschool were not fully vaccinated of them 3 didn't have any vaccine ....thise three they didn't get pertusis.... Which means not only the vaccine is not effective in fully vaccinated as it used to bebut that the vaccinated kids tranamitted the disease!!!
121 2 . Reply
. 2019-03-24
Other vaccine videos are easily found and many immunology videos and there are 100's more on YT by other researchers and then 1,000's of researches on PubMed... But, there are always in-depth videos like the "Godfather of Vaccines'', Dr.Plotkin who discusses the aborted human baby cells Plotkin used to make the fluid in our vaccines and the neurotoxic aluminum and mercury molecules that attacks brain cells and his use of the vaccines on mentally retatrded in America and again in Africa...... here @
121 2 . Reply
Charles Hawn . 2018-08-07
So basically EVERYONE, (children, pregnant women, fathers, mothers, infants, grandparents, great grandparents) needs to be vaccinated and then continue with follow-up boosters?? Isn't it possible that doing this kills our own natural immune systems abilities
to fight the disease? And in turn, therefore, strengthens the immune system of the disease itself, eventually rendering it immune to the vaccines and boosters all together? Wash your hands and cover your mouth for Gods sake! ENOUGH WITH THE VACCINE CULTURE!!!
Just add it to the ingredients of the cloud seeding chemicals...
GEEZ!! You're killing us, man.
121 2 . Reply
Kara 1 . 2018-07-27
I went to college too. I discovered the vaccine dangers while doing a controversial paper in school, on vaccines. My instructors, RN & Surgeon didnt vaccinate their kids. They took the time to do their own research.
121 2 . Reply
Kara 1 . 2018-07-27
Doctors & nurses repeat what they've been brainwashed with. It's sad when we have doctors that put their career on the line to inform the world & we dismiss it & take away their license. If you really want to help children, then think for yourself! Do your own research! Look at the graphs that show disease on almost gone before any vaccine was introduced.
121 2 . Reply
Kara 1 . 2018-07-27
If you had whooping cough, that immunity can last 63 yrs! The vaccine may offer antibodies lasting, max, 5 yrs & less, hence the multiple boosters filled with toxins, heavy metals (that cause brain swelling), aborted baby cell lines (fragments of that baby's DNA can connect to our own DNA), & animal blood & organ parts. Dogs are now being experimented on for use in vaccines!
121 2 . Reply
InfusedSediment . 2018-05-03
2011 was the first year in more than two decades during which there were no deaths from whooping cough in the state of California, but it’s unlikely that this decline had anything to do with whooping cough vaccinations
121 2 . Reply
moore mystic Gaia . 2017-03-16
what a load of crap...
121 2 . Reply
Suzy Heugly . 2016-04-27
Good video but she talks WAY too fast!!
121 2 . Reply
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