Why Green Fuel Tabs are Safe for any Engine

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EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Registered #2377200
See more at: www.GreenFuelTechnologies.com
Improves Mileage by 10% to 20% and reduces Emissions up to 70%

At Green Fuel Technologies we want you to use our Green Fuel Tabs, Truck Fuel Tabs and GFT/Liquid with complete confidence. That's why we offer two ways protect your peace-of-mind and your investments.

Green Fuel Technologies proudly offers an absolute risk free money-back guarantee. If, after following our testing procedures, you don't achieve the improved mileage and savings we advertise, we will refund you what you paid for our product(s). Our "Product Liability" insurance offer is almost unheard of and gives you a level of protection and peace-of-mind you seldom find in this industry. Just one more reason why using products from Green Fuel Technologies is the "Right Choice.

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