Sight Picture, Sight Alignment: Handgun Tip - Gunsite Academy Firearms Training

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Gunsite Rangemaster Charlie McNeese explains key shooting fundamentals--Sight alignment and sight picture. (NSSF Video) #LetsGoShooting #NSSF

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Stance firearm education #NSSF NSSF pistol Guns Tips tactical drills firearms training Self defense outdoors Gunsite Academy defense how-to Gun tips & tricks shoot Col. Jeff Cooper shooting tips Shooting Sports Cooper Shooting Sportscast sighting target shooting instruction shooting instructional video Sight alignment Handgun Accuracy firearms Jeff Jeff Cooper #LetsGoShooting

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Fuzzle Mutt . 2019-11-02
121 2 . Reply
DriftDisciple . 2019-09-22
121 2 . Reply
Jason Krohn . 2019-06-07
If you aske a question on this channel’s post then I hope you’re ready to stand in line because some have been waiting eight years to get there question answered. they don’t respond to comments on this Channel.
121 2 . Reply
Roy Hopkins Jr. . 2019-01-17
He is not your fucking friend dude he is on TV
121 2 . Reply
RIOT . 2018-03-08
I got a S&W M&P pro c.o.r.e. it has the higher suppressor sights so when equipped with an RMR you can co-whitnes. however I can't seem to get the right sight picture on this gun. it always shoots low. I don't have this problem on my outher hand gun.
121 2 . Reply
tOmAY . 2012-11-19
why so camera angle? this ain't a movie.
121 2 . Reply
aroseland1 . 2012-09-20
This video was very help, I will start practicing this technique. The question I had is, when focusing on the front sight only the target becomes blurry and I feel that at long distances with smaller targets this could cause a reduction is accuracy? is this just a necessary sacrifice or am I not using the technique properly? Thanks for the help!
121 2 . Reply
iiTzL3g1Txx . 2012-08-23
@TheNSSF is there any drill to help you just focus on your front iron sight..cause i be having a prob focusing on the front iron sight. I would glady appericate it.
121 2 . Reply
Berelore . 2012-03-23
to wear glasses shooting... you're glasses are there for times you can't see what you need to not just when you are reading, though that may be the most common time you need them.
121 2 . Reply
David Webster . 2011-10-30
Do you close one eye when you focus on the front sight?
121 2 . Reply
aproudpop . 2011-03-07
ok so what do you tell us old guys who can't focus at the distance of the front site but do not need help to see distance........so in other words do not wear glasses except for reading?
121 2 . Reply
justin kerley . 2011-02-18
do you guys hold gun shows if show you should come to charlotte nc
121 2 . Reply