Giving eye drops to your child / Comment mettre les gouttes ophtalmiques à votre enfant

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How to give eye drops and ointment to your child.

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Giving eye drops & ointment to your child

Putting drops or ointment in your child's eyes can be tricky. Here's some advice to make it easier.

Always read the label and use the medication as directed.

When you open a new container, write the day and month on the label. Throw it out after a month.

Check to make sure the eye drops haven't changed colour or crystalized.

Always wash your hands with soap and water before giving eye drops. Rinse well.

Shake the bottle, take the cap off and put it on its side on a clean tissue. Don't let the tip of the bottle touch your child's eyes, your fingers or anything else.

Have your child sit or lie down, tilt their head back and look up.

Steady their forehead with one hand, raising the upper lid of the eye with your thumb and holding the bottle above it. Use the small finger of the other hand to gently pull the lower eyelid down to form a pocket.

Squeeze in the prescribed number of drops. Release the lower eyelid, then the upper eyelid, keeping your child's forehead still.

Apply gentle pressure to the inside corner of the eye for 5 to 10 seconds.

If your child can do it, ask him to close his eyes gently and move the eyes around, keeping the lids closed. This helps the medicine absorb. But closing the eyes tightly or blinking will push the medicine back out of the eye.

Wipe off any excess tears with a clean tissue and you're set.

Putting ointment in the eye is similar to drops. Start by warming the tube in your hand so the ointment flows easily.

With your child in the same position as for eye drops, squeeze about a half an inch into the pocket and have your child close their eyes and move them around.

Wipe the tip of the ointment tube with a clean tissue.

If they're getting both drops and ointment, use the drops first.

Some eye medicine may cause blurred vision. If that's the case limit your child's activities until their vision clears. If your child wears contact lenses, consult your doctor first.

Finally, call your doctor if your child has a reaction to the drops or ointment, or if their eye condition gets worse.

• To put in eye drops, have your child sit down, tilt their head back and look at the ceiling.
• Steady their forehead, squeeze the drops into the lower part of the eye and apply gentle pressure to the inside corner.

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This video is provided for general information only. It does not replace a diagnosis or medical advice from a healthcare professional who has examined your child and understands their unique needs. Please speak with your doctor to check if the content is suitable for your situation.

Cette vidéo sert à donner des renseignements généraux seulement. Elle ne remplace pas le diagnostic ou les conseils médicaux d'un professionnel de la santé qui a examiné votre enfant et comprend ses besoins uniques. Veuillez consulter votre médecin pour vérifier si le contenu convient à votre situation.

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