Idiom #15: To Hold Your Horses - Learn to Speak American English

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In this lesson we're discussing the following idiom: To Hold Your Horses. Please subscribe to my channel.

Idiom #15: To Hold Your Horses - Learn to Speak American English. You will learn to Speak English here. Learn to speak American English through the use of the language. Speak American English with Lyman Holton is the channel where you will improve your English. You can learn many idioms, idiums, clichés, cliché, cliches, cliches, etc. (however you spell it). on the American English Idioms playlist. This also supports EFL. Speak American English is what most English learners want to learn, but many aren't aware that American and British English are two rather separate forms English. It's referred to as 영어 (English) in South Korea. A native English speaker, such as myself, is a great learning resource. I can give correct English pronounciation (Did you catch that there's an extra letter in that last word? Do you know what it is?) English pronounce or pronounce English, which is the right way to say it? You'll also learn that here. Is the correct spelling; English grammer, English gramar, English gramer, or are any of them correct? Spelling is important, too when mastering a language. We also cover English phases (or is it phrases?) and practice English conversation. All these things may be helpful for someone studying IELTS or ielts, if you prefer. I also teach American accent training. The American English accent is the preferred accent for many English learners. Let's talk about this in a few of my videos lessons, shall we? American English conversation will help you to pronounce English words, pronounce words. Let's have an English class, an English lesson or many English lessons together starting today!


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