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I can't... Seychelles is too Expensive.. NOT WITH US!! Find how to: 🌴 SEYCHELLES Holiday List 2019: Spend Less Do More BUDGET TRAVELLER 2019 | Package Deal 2019 Ep02!

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On this Seychelles guide episode "SEYCHELLES Holiday List 2019: Spend Less Do More | Package Deal 2019 Ep02" we'll be going to the island of La Digue cheap, swimming in the most beautiful beach in the world "Anse Source d'Argent", visiting coconut and vanilla plantations "Valee de Mai" in Praslin, meeting centenary turtles and spending time with locals drinking home made alcohol and creating our own private Seychelles experience! Discover the real Seychelles sea beach 2019 local life!

You'll discover:

1)The "Creole Travel Service" Package Deal 2019: What's included and why it's so convenient
2)Valee de Mai Coconut nature park UNESCO heritage site in Praslin
3)La digue cheap Luxury dining at Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie Resort & Spa
4)Sunbathing and fruit cocktails at Anse Source d'Argent, top beach in the world
5)Visit of the vanilla plantations and centenary turtles
6)Visit at the Family home brewery for Kalou and palm wine

Spend your Honey Moon 2019 in Seychelles budget Islands by using the Seychelles Package deal 2019 on this video. Find out which is the top beach 2019 in the world!

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►More information:

Before going to La Digue, be aware that you have 2 options to choose from:

1)in case you want to spend more days in La Digue island, take the ferry independently and book your stay there
2)if you want a quick taste of the islands around, take the guided private seychelles tour that lasts one full day

The price is extreme, 185 Euros per person, but arranging it all on your own would cost you twice! What's included?

-Private chaffeur pickup and dropoff at home.
-Speed boat from Mahe to Praslin to La Digue back to Mahe
-Bus transfers on the islands
-Entrance to 2 national parks with a guide for accurate explanations
-Entrance to the beach "anse source d'argent" in La Digue, considered one of the most beautiful in the world
-Lunch buffet in a 4 star resort & spa Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie

If you want to go on your own it's 150 euros return ticket per person. That's just the ferry to 1 island

1)Valee de Mai

We went to the Coconut national park "Valee de Mai" and had a wonderful experience. We found out so many things about coconut trees that surely you don't know about!

2)Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie Resort & Spa: We then went to La Digue and enjoyed the buffet in this wonderful resort! Food was indian cuisine based. The place was incredibly gorgeous! So worth it

3)Anse Source d'Argent: we went to the most acclaimed and top beach 2019 "Anse source D'argent". Did snorkeling and saw so many different species of fish. Some super colorful, some curious and some not. We then sunbathed in with fruit cocktails by the beach

4)Vanilla Plantations: Straight after we went to the Vanilla plantations, coconut oil factories and to visit the centenary turtles

5)Family home brewery: We saw on a sign, kalou coconut wine and sugar cane liquor for sale, so we went in and got to visit the brewery
Kalou, or palm wine or coconut wine, is an alcoholic drink made from the sap of different palm trees

If you're a budget traveller and want to enjoy Seychelles Islands in a cheap fashion, then plan your Seychelles budget according to our Seychelles vacation travel guide! Spend less, do more

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Diespasarg . 2020-02-14
it is so difficult to find videos about holiday destinations where the author is actually giving useful tips rather than selling their lifestyle with cliche outtakes ... subscribed, instantly my favorite channel
121 2 . Reply
David Miranda . 2019-11-19
Hay man,
Thank you for your videos I am going there in Jan for 2 weeks I am from Ecuador and I used to live in the Galapagos Island I would like to compare the two islands and see the turtles!
121 2 . Reply
Shubhangi Desai . 2019-07-02
Wow... One of my favourite you tube channels... I wonder why you have so less subscribers... You will be one of the best you tubers in coming days... Loved it...nice contents and good ...
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The CuRiOuS Traveller . 2019-05-01
Great video!! I wish I had seen it before I traveled to Seychelles!
121 2 . Reply
Dara Jafari . 2019-02-18
Hey guys love the video! We're going in April ! Did you guys use euro or dollars over there ? What's best to take ?
121 2 . Reply
Paolo Rodi . 2019-02-13
Wow Great video!
From a mere personal point of view it looks like the quality of your videos has deeply improved since the first ones! Keep em coming!
121 2 . Reply
Jaa B . 2019-02-11
Is there any dangerous shark in Seychelles.. Kinda scared of them, so I hope you understand why I ask this question? 😂 And yes, great video, keep up
121 2 . Reply
Stefan Bendik . 2019-02-10
As for my feedback, I think the video is very informative and is a good tool to use if visiting the island. Content wise I don't think I would change anything. There are some technical parts to be mastered here but that will come with time. Keep em coming!
121 2 . Reply
Zdeňka Tomisová . 2019-02-10
Can't wait to come back one day! 😍
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