My RVs Carbon Monoxide Detector Was Beeping Twice?

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In this video, I replace our RVs Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. The CO alarm had started emitting 2 beeps every 30 seconds indicating an end of life. I swap it out with a new unit that never needs a battery change and lasts 10 years. It has a digital readout which displays CO PPM (parts per million)

I took the opportunity to also replace the smoke alarm with one that also does CO detection. Then I replaced my RVs primary fire extinguisher with a more substantial commercial unit and checked the LP gas detector. It's nearing its 7-year end of life too, and I will replace soon.

Replacement device list mentioned (Disclaimer: Amazon Afflaite links)

Kidde CO Detector C3010D - http://amzn.to/2xqqfsT
Kidde Smoke Alarm w/CO - http://amzn.to/2gmG2Pb
First Alert Fire Extinguisher - http://amzn.to/2xrwx6V
Atwood LP Gas Detector - http://amzn.to/2y5tKSC

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    Popular Comments:

MoonLight Stars . 2019-06-28
If 2 beeps happen its the end of the alarms life
121 2 . Reply
Gabriel Moisan . 2018-11-24
My grand parents have a Rv , and we have this Costar , at 3 am it was doing 5 beeps each 30 sec , why ?
121 2 . Reply
Fire alarm fan number 5 Smoke alarm 2020 . 2018-01-14
We had a codtar Co alarm before but now we had a kidde i9030
121 2 . Reply
M Suitt . 2017-10-13
Wow. May be time to check the house systems.
121 2 . Reply
Julie H . 2017-10-10
Where was your barking safety device? Missed your little pal! :D
121 2 . Reply
raybbj . 2017-10-09
Report back if you have any problems with the KIDDE 10 yr smoke alarm. We recently replaced 4 smoke alarms in our house with these new KIDDE, 10 year lithium smoke alarms and we were getting multiple false alarms. I'm not talking about burnt toast or a dirty oven. I'm talking about 3AM in the morning when the household activities are at idle with no appliances on. It happened multiple times on multiple alarms. KIDDE decided to replace all 4 and gave us a 5th one as a spare. Still had problems so they replaced them again. This time they replaced them with a different sensor type and the problem went away. (photoelectric vs. ionization. I don't remember which ones were giving us the false alarms).
121 2 . Reply
Hankuman Szyski . 2017-10-09
I thought CO sensors had to be installed closer to the floor (?).
121 2 . Reply
Nomadic Native . 2017-10-09
Great move on the larger fire extinguisher. We keep one by the door and another in the bedroom.
121 2 . Reply
Em And the Gang . 2017-10-09
Thanks! Your videos are so informative! We need to check all of our safety equipment also!
121 2 . Reply
Willy Smith . 2017-10-09
Just had the same issue with my combination propane /co2 unit. It was hardwired and small print says replace 4 years. I unwired and removed it. Every spray can today is pressured with propane now days and the alarm went off whenever I sprayed lysol, glade or anything else . Was tired of resetting it all the time...glad it failed, don't miss it .
121 2 . Reply
Cyndi Foore . 2017-10-09
Can’t you get the fire extinguishers recharged?
121 2 . Reply
David Smith . 2017-10-08
Ray I thought the carbon monoxide alarms were supposed to be about 1 foot from the floor??? It was a heavy gas and builds from the floor up. I was wrong??
121 2 . Reply
thunderbird97 . 2017-10-08
my kiddie CO is close to one you put up mine will usually show around 15-25 and will start sounding alarm at 50, and I run my Big Buddy all night in 5th wheel when its cool, and pretty sure the O2 sensor on buddy will shut it down when it hits around 50
121 2 . Reply
aguyandhiscomputer . 2017-10-08
"found it in the fine print"
There shouldn't be any fine print.
121 2 . Reply
Thomas Levy . 2017-10-08
I had to change my smoke detector recently, too. It failed after just one year and was still under warranty. However, the cost of postage to send it back to the company was more than the cost of buying a new one! I upgraded it to a model that Kidde makes which detects both fast burning and smoldering fires. (Most detectors only detect fast burning fires.) However, I had to relocate my toaster in the kitchen since the detector sometimes triggers from the invisible smoke it can make. (The detector I replaced was specially designed for use in kitchens and it ignored the toaster.) Stay safe.
121 2 . Reply
Kevin Whittier . 2017-10-08
Thanks for the correction on the Carbon monoxide detector, my mistake. At least I was right about the propane detector!!!!
121 2 . Reply
P J . 2017-10-08
Great video Ray! Nest has some wonderful products that work manually and with wi-fi as well.
121 2 . Reply
Scott Walters . 2017-10-08
Thanks for a very nice video! Nice reminder to be checking our safety equipment!!
121 2 . Reply
Kevin Whittier . 2017-10-08
Hi there great video. Both propane and Co2 are heavier than air. I put my Co2 and propane detectors about a foot off the floor. This is why your propane detector is close to the floor. I always enjoy your video's, but thought I should mention this.
121 2 . Reply
Coho . 2017-10-08
Thanks for the great reminder Ray.
121 2 . Reply
justsomeguy . 2017-10-08
I always learn something new or something I've missed from your vids. Cheers!
121 2 . Reply
John Lawson . 2017-10-08
Thanks. Fan John
121 2 . Reply
sailingsolar . 2017-10-08
Your most likely to to see a reading when you run your buddy heater. However, I would test both those detectors with your propane torch. One with it blowing gas but not lit and the other with it on and see what happens. Do another follow up video doing that.
121 2 . Reply
Nathan L . 2017-10-08
I enjoy your video's. I don't know if our dream of owning a 5th wheel will ever happen, but you have brought things to mind that I wouldn't have thought of, so I feel I'm getting prepared thank you!
121 2 . Reply
SKPjoe Coursegold . 2017-10-08
thanks Ray for the safety talk.
121 2 . Reply
hogcat . 2017-10-08
Never knew they made them with a battery that never needs replacement. Thanks! Did not see Angie. Hope she is doing good.
121 2 . Reply
Idaho Living . 2017-10-08
Unfortunate they install these so high up. Since carbon monoxide is heavier than air it will have to fill the RV before it goes off. And your bed is below it's level. The LP detector won't be able to sniff out the monoxide.
121 2 . Reply