Widex Evoke Hearing Aid Review | First Hearing Aid with Machine Learning

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Widex Evoke Hearing Aid Review | First Hearing Aid with Machine Learning. Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, reviews the Widex Evoke Hearing Aid.

Website: https://www.DrCliffAuD.com

Clinic Website: https://www.AppliedHearingAZ.com

In terms of looks, the Widex Evoke has the same form factor that Widex has had for a while. This review is of the Widex Evoke Fusion 2 which is the Bluetooth version of the Evoke. They fit like a standard receiver-in-canal hearing aid, very slim behind the ear, and very comfortable. The evoke also comes in the smaller Passion model, the Fusion without bluetooth, the Fusion 2 which also includes a rechargeable model, a Fashion Mini BTE, Fashion traditional BTE, and a Power Version of the Evoke.

The Evoke is best known for being the first hearing aid to utilize Machine Learning Technology. However, lets take a look at some other features that I like about the Evoke.

1. Telecoil - Widex didn't sacrifice the telecoil to use Bluetooth. A telecoil can tap into an induction loop in a public venue like a theater, conference center, or a church. I can also stream audio directly from a telecoil enabled telephone.

2. The 113 dB SPL Linear Input Range - Having a high input range is critical for hearing well in a noisy environment and for better music appreciation. The higher the input range, the better. It prevents the incoming signal from needing to be compressed. Combine the high input range with 4 Analog to Digital converters and you have a hearing aid that can better preserve the integrity of sound, allowing for a cleaner listening environment in nearly every situation.

3. The Sound Classifier - I love when a hearing aid can automatically determine which program settings are best. This means that the hearing aids are constantly surveying the environment to determine which settings are best so you don't have to. The Premium 440 level Evoke has 11 sound classifiers which helps to ensure you are always in the exact right settings for the environment.

4. The Zen Tinnitus Program - Widex is the only company who uses Fractal tones to mask tinnitus and reduce your annoyance level. The most popular Zen tone is "Aqua". You can use these Zen programs by themselves or in combination with another program.

5. Machine Learning - The Widex Evoke hearing aids have the ability to utilize Machine learning to help the hearing aids understand how you like to hear sound. By using SoundSense Learn and SoundSense Adapt, you teach the app which settings you prefer in each environment. You do this by picking between an A & B option while listening to your current environment. You do this until you get the settings exactly right. The adjustments that you make allow the Evoke to learn your preferences, and allow for better updates in the future.

These hearing aids are truly revolutionary, but there are some things about the EVOKE that I’m not a huge fan of.

1. Rechargeability - The Evoke hearing aids use ZPower Silver-Zinc rechargeable technology. I currently prefer lithium batteries for their reliability.

2. Only 15 adjustment handles - When programming hearing aids, the more adjustment handles the better. This allows me to program the hearing aids more precisely to a prescription. In a premium level device, I prefer to see 20 adjustment handles.

3. Connectivity - While the connectivity is good with an Apple device, you can't stream directly from an Android device. You can use the App and its features with Android, but if you want to stream audio, you will need a streaming device.

Considering what these hearing aids are capable of, the potential negatives seem relatively minor. However, as with any hearing aid, you will only experience the full capabilities of the Evoke hearing aids if you have been fit and programmed correctly. This includes Real Ear Measurement. If you don't know what Real Ear Measurement is, I highly recommend you watch my video: https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY

The Widex Evoke Hearing aid is truly an impressive device that is one of a kind. So, if you are looking for a hearing aid that allows you to make specific customizations on the fly, with the ability to become smarter over time, you may want to consider the Evoke for your next set of devices.

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    Popular Comments:

Hami Chahal . 2020-02-22
Can i adjust volume with phone app?
121 2 . Reply
XBloodsmileX . 2020-02-13
Are the phone app’s interchangeable with other devices?
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Adams . 2020-02-01
I've been wearing Evoke 330s for approximately 3 months and I've had them reprogramed about 7 times since day one. My biggest issue is word recognition ... I hear people talking, but cannot make out the words ... very frustrating. Throughout this ordeal, I've come to realize that my audiologist doesn't really know the product very well, especially the app. Is it possible he doesn't fully understand how to program my aids? I've had hearing aids for 20+ years and I don't have unrealistic expectations. I've tried to reach out to Widex, but their support chat only deals with app related questions. I love the bluetooth and I've seen more than one positive review on these products. Should I bite the bullet and go to another audiologist and pay out of pocket to see if they can improve the programing? Any advice is appreciated.
121 2 . Reply
Filipe Modesto . 2019-12-20
Dr. Olson-
Albeit auto environment classification is certainly an expression of an artificial intelligence function, I have to digress that this is the first hearing aid to present such functions. Starkey's Livio AI was released before the Evoke and has this and other AI applications. Isn't that right?
Huge fan here. Merry xmas!
121 2 . Reply
Sergio AS . 2019-12-20
Hello, I am currently translating this text. Sorry for the translation, first of all, I have a Widex Mind 440 of the year 2010 in which it includes Zen. The telecoil is not a novelty since my headphones have it. I have a loss of 135 dB and I must change the truth that I have already asked for it. The exact model is Widex Evoke BTE 13 D with mobile connection. The audiologist has told me that it allows me to talk and listen to streaming only with iPhones. With Android it is not compatible, have you tried using that system with an iPhone? If so, how is it going? I look forward to next week.
121 2 . Reply
Bhavna Bajaj . 2019-11-15
I am in India (New Delhi ) and want trail of Evoke , is that possible @Widex
121 2 . Reply
nononsense . 2019-10-27
Long ago the wides programming was so tedious that audiologists avoided offering them? Is it still a pain in the arse?
121 2 . Reply
Kelly Worth . 2019-10-11
WIdex lithium ion rechargeable batteries are supposed to be available in Feb. or March of 2020.
121 2 . Reply
Mark Williams . 2019-10-03
Would be good if you did a video on CIC's v RICS. I am too vain to wear the RICS but I know they are better for maintenance and sound. I have a pair of Widex Evoke to trial and have an android phone and find they do pair ok but sometimes do not connect so well. THey have a lot of wind noise too. The learning app does not work very well either and is more of a gadget.
121 2 . Reply
Marie Falkenhagen . 2019-09-27
I have a an Android and mine works perfectly my doctor programmed them online for me
121 2 . Reply
Rainy Horvath . 2019-08-26
What if you are someplace where your iPhone cannot connect to the Internet?? What happens then?
121 2 . Reply
aleynad26B . 2019-08-16
Hello Dr. Cliff, I'm in 5 day free trial of the Evoke 440 and I can't get good quality sound, it sounds like robotic voices. Do you think that might change over time? (I had SSHL on my right ear and that left me with audio distortion as well, besides tinnitus). Also, I can't find all the 11 programs that are mentiones in this video, do I have to do something? thank you for your help.
121 2 . Reply
Charlie Kelly . 2019-08-05
i head evoke 400 the sound gone up and down no good i could not were them
121 2 . Reply
Roger M . 2019-07-25
Hello Dr Cliff: Thank you for your response to my questions on your other videos. I've been exploring getting an Evoke Hearing Aid. But I just found out that if you need a Widex BICROS for one ear (left ear in my case) then you can only use their ONE program (which they call the Universal Program) because turning on the BICROS immediately reverts the program back to Universal. So, all the technological advances (including machine learning) with Widex are unavailable to me if I use a BICROS. So, I was pondering another alternative and I would very much appreciate your opinion. What if I only bought ONE of the latest advanced version of Widex Evoke Fusion2 for my right ear (in which I do have some hearing loss)? And, instead of placing a BICROS in my left (bad) ear, I place nothing, and instead get a Widex microphone that connects wirelessly to my Evoke hearing aid. Then, I presumably get all the machine learning capability AND be able to adjust the program to each situation AND be able to hear people on my left (through the microphone). I realize that this would be a little bit inconvenient because I have to carry around a microphone. But I'm willing to do that. What do you think of such a setup?
121 2 . Reply
David Kilner . 2019-07-17
You mention that you can either make adjustments yourself through the app or it will make them for you via the machine learning capability. I have yet to notice it making adjustments itself, so am I doing something wrong?
121 2 . Reply
David Kilner . 2019-07-17
I'm trialing this hearing aid. I find it will communicate directly with my Nokia Android phone without a linking device (such as Com-Dex or a Phonak MyLink) and I can make the adjustments you are talking about. My major concern about it at the moment is that it doesn't have volume controls - you have to change the volume with the phone app, meaning you need to have your phone handy.
121 2 . Reply
rustgmeister . 2019-07-11
Hi! what do you think/what did you experience about sound quality comparing the Widex Evoke Fusion 2 and the Phonak Marvel? I'll try to get both for a trial period but I'd be eager to hear your opinion, (or maybe a comparison video ;) ) because the android compatibility and some other features and reviews make me go with Phonak, but on the other hand some reviewers say that the sound quality of the Evoke is better in many situations, mainly in big background noise. I've mild hearing loss, I'm listening to music a lot during work, so the streaming audio quality of music and the general quality when speaking with others in less noisy environment is the most important for me. Thanks in advance for your help!
121 2 . Reply
Blayne Marlo . 2019-07-10
Getting widex zen for tinnitus next week. Just returned signia styletto HA notch therapy aids as they only cut tinnitus a small fraction. My hearing loss is only mild in the higher freq. Any feedback on the Widex Zen tinnitus feature?
121 2 . Reply
Snow Girl Annie . 2019-06-18
I Just got my first hearing device and it is a Widex Evoke 440. Mine says it will work with an Android device. I haven't downloaded the program yet. I'm just learning how to put it in correctly. Everything sounds so different especially my voice. My son said this is the first time that he can talk softly to me and not shout. So I think that is a big difference for my first hour of wearing one.
121 2 . Reply
Norris Eaton . 2019-05-23
Hi Dr. Cliff. Your reviews are awesome. I am test driving the Widex Evoke - I can hear the birds again! But there is one serious problem. In both the "Universal" and "Music" mode, there is a significant steady white noise in the background. It sounds like the steady drone of highway traffic in the distance, or steam venting from an industrial plant, or possibly the Zen noise feature. Is this normal? Could it be that the Zen noise option was mistakenly programmed to be "on" and in the background (the Zen feature does not show on the app)? Perhaps other viewers have had a similar problem and have found the solution? Thanks in advance.
121 2 . Reply
Laura Riggs . 2019-05-13
I have these aids. I have yet to be able to have them stream to both ears. I’ve already sent them back once as they were turning on and off.
121 2 . Reply
David Marotta . 2019-05-10
Thanks for the informative review...
121 2 . Reply
Parth Pandya . 2019-04-04
whether widex has two version of evoke one with telecoil(notched battery door) and other(flatten battery door) without it? pls clarify as i seen it in user instruction bun not able to find difference
121 2 . Reply
Boris Moore . 2019-04-01
Thanks for your excellent videos. I am currently testing a pair of Widex Evokes, for a week. But one concern is that when I specifically asked the audiologist if she did REM for the Evokes, she said that for the Widex Evoke it was not necessary, since the hearing aid had built-in functions that can be used instead of REM. I'm guessing you would disagree, but wanted to check. If REM is indeed important, then I will have to figure out whether I can find another audiologist that sells Widex, with REM....
121 2 . Reply
Cristobal Mateos . 2019-03-26
por favor, podéis hacer algún vídeo en español, tengo Widex Evoke 330
121 2 . Reply
Saqib Ahmed . 2019-03-20
Hello Dr Cliff, you are doing amazing job to hearing impaired patient, i highly appreciate it.
I want to ask about your opinion on HANSATON hearing aid, my audiologist is providing me hearing aid to HANSATON though i am confused whether i should move to another ok is it fine ?
121 2 . Reply
Parth Pandya . 2019-03-14
can you give your opinion on widex speech enhancer vs other manufacturers noise reduction/removal/management systems?
121 2 . Reply
Jack Mortimer . 2019-03-02
Dr. Olson, You again mentioned the streaming problem with Android devices. I thought Bluetooth was Bluetooth. What is the technological difference between the Bluetooth in an Android device and that in the Apple devices?
121 2 . Reply
Cam Reynolds . 2019-03-02
I messaged widex about the bluetooth issue, their response is they dont want to sacrifice sound quality with bluetooth classic, which is what android runs on, iPhone uses bluetooth 2.4hz
121 2 . Reply
Adam Dippel . 2019-03-01
I just got my first set of Widex Evoke F2 440s and I'm so impressed! I'm a Live Sound professional and I wasn't expecting to be able to use hearing aids accurately in a loud music environment. But the Evokes sound amazing! The streaming audio quality through the com dex doesn't compare to the Phonak Marvel, but that's not what hearing aids are made for... Speech understanding is phenomenonal and the soundsense processing is quick and accurate. I hate taking them off....... 5 stars from me.
121 2 . Reply
baclash . 2019-02-27
Agreed that SoundSense can be a very useful feature for someone who wants to make minor adjustments and adjust the sound to their liking. But, what do you think of the possibility of the user adjusting the sounds too soft and comfortable, especially in the first period, and not adapt to the sounds and possibly get less benefit from the hearing aids?
Hope we will see a Widex made for all/android soon though. I heard that they are waiting for Google and ReSound to sort out this out.
Also, what do you think of Phonak AutoSense 3.0 vs Widex Soundclassifier?
121 2 . Reply
547doug . 2019-02-27
Dr Cliff, you should do a long form podcast with Dr Ted Venema.
121 2 . Reply
Michael Parrott-MacLeod . 2019-02-26
The Widex “regular” Fusion they use for Bi-Cros are also BT as are the Passion form factor. Unless you meant BT direct?
121 2 . Reply
row4hb . 2019-02-26
Thank you once again Dr. for a well produced and informative video. I haven’t seen any videos yet (this might have been a place to mention it) where you discuss the upcoming release of the Widex fuel cell technology to replace the rechargeable lithium. This may be why Widex has not made the same rechargeable strides in recent years as some of the competition, but the forecasted 10-20 minute recharge and 20 hours of use is going to be a massive leap we have all needed in this area. Also, have never heard your perspective on Lyric, I have worn these for the past 6 years and love them. But as my hearing has changed again the fit algorithm is not performing as well anymore. Have always stayed aware of the hearing assist technologies to be informed in the event of a change to fit my needs and your sharing is greatly appreciated. Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Loco G73 . 2019-02-26
Thank you for info. Great video. keep up the great work. I'm leaning so much. For the past 40+ years I thought there were only miracle ear and beltone brands available. I can't wait until I try other brands For the past couple years my top of the line beltones that I have are always in the shop several times a year for repairs
121 2 . Reply
Chris Nicklo . 2019-02-26
Thank you for your review. I’m a really happy Evoke 440 user. Love the quality of sound that I get, especially with music, and SoundSense Learn gives me so much more in-the-moment control, if needed, than I can get with any other brand.
121 2 . Reply
rtxrt73 . 2019-02-26
Do these have a CROS version?
121 2 . Reply
Miroslav Scherkl . 2019-02-26
I am a happy Widex Evoke F2 user. SoundSense Adapt really saved me several times. I found myself preferring different hearing aid adjustments in different locations. These are the best aids I’ve ever had.
121 2 . Reply
yubaraj acharya . 2019-02-26
121 2 . Reply
Todd Armstrong . 2019-02-26
Been a Widex user for 10 years. Looking forward to thre review.
121 2 . Reply
psusarahkate . 2019-02-25
Woohoo Widex
121 2 . Reply