Automated Empowered Canola Oil With AE2 and Extra Cells 2 (MC 1.12.2)

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A complete and fully automated system to produce Empowered Oil (highest tier) from Canola. The Empowered version will provide a lot more energy than the basic version, but doing all this work manually would be very time consuming so it's worth the time to automate it.

Except for the power system, I'm only using items from Actually Additions (AA), AE2 and EC2. This system is designed to keep a specific amount in stock, so it will require fluid storage in the ME system.

This video is based on that you know roughly how the process works and that you are quite familiar with AA, AE2 and EC2. It's basically a tutorial of how to build this setup, not a regular mod tutorial.

The number shown in the Oil Generator is how fast 50mB burns. Multiply the values with 20 to get the amount of CF (or RF, as they give 1:1 in this pack) per bucket. The numbers below does not take into acount the cost of power to produce all steps in between.

Canola Oil:
40CF/t x 100t = 80k RF per bucket
Refined Canola Oil:
80CF/t x 120t = 192k RF per bucket
Crystallized Oil:
100CF/t x 280t = 560k RF per bucket
Empowered Oil:
120CF/t x 400t = 960k RF per bucket

Read more about me and what I do here:

All my AE2 videos are gathered in this playlist:

Key items and blocks in this video:
- ME Network
- ME Auto-crafting
- Canola and Seed
- Canola Press
- ME and Fluid Export Bus
- Fluid and ME Import Bus
- Fluid and ME Level Emitter
- Toggle Bus
- Fermenting Barrel
- Fluid Formation and Annihilation Plane
- Fluid and ME Storage Bus
- Automatic Precision Dropper
- Atomic Reconstructor
- Ranged Collector
- Crystallized Canola Seed
- Crafting and Redstone Card
- ME Interface
- Certus Quartz Tank
- Display Stand
- Empowerer
- Empowered Seed
- Oil Generator

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Minecraft 1.12.2
FTB Revelation 1.2.0

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Abdoo36 . 2018-01-13
hello i have idea for your video and it will help me very much and ill be really thankful of you if you do it
121 2 . Reply
rashkavar . 2018-01-09
I'm curious: is there an AE2 tool I'm forgetting that allows dropping and recovering items in item form? I know the formation/annihilation plane works for blocks, but I really thought there was a solution for items as well...
121 2 . Reply
runeg96 . 2018-01-09
I love your AE2 Videos :D
121 2 . Reply
TKH . 2018-01-09
Another Applied Energistics build - How to automate your Empowered Oil production from Actually Additions. With a little help from Extra Cells 2!
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