Interview With Susan Harker, VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Amazon

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Amazon's head of global talent acquisition Susan Harker talks with Indeed chief economist Tara Sinclair to discuss the talent shortage in tech.

Read more at http://blog.indeed.com/hiring-lab/beyond-the-global-talent-shortage/

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Amazon.com (Venture Funded Company) Indeed.com (Website) Technology (Industry) Recruitment (Industry) Talent Shortage

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Daniel Villanueva . 2019-06-04
Is she interviewing Susan Harker or herself
121 2 . Reply
Steffen Eckart . 2019-06-03
Interesting that the interviewer concludes that London is the place to be for companies to attract tech talent. Given the exodus of companies from the U.K. in light of the current turmoil, she may have a good point, even if from an unintended perspective.
121 2 . Reply
Buysome Bitcoin . 2018-07-13
LOL don’t forget the tax haven in Ireland. Come on amazon, pay your fair share of taxes.
121 2 . Reply
BrendaGZ . 2016-09-11
Thank you for posting this video. I hope it inspires people to work hard on their education.
121 2 . Reply
Tracy Tedesco . 2016-08-18
Fascinating interview. Great points.
121 2 . Reply