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Stop learning languages and start acquiring them! Jeff Brown is a full-time language instructor and polyglot who guarantees anyone can acquire any language in one year!

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Language acquisition the natural approach stephen krashen tracy terrell arabic foreign languages japanese spanish italian chinese french learning acquisition tprs learn a language

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Wul Vershon . 2019-05-02
To be honest
This is the best video Ive seen on languages
Why did it take me so long to find it lol
121 2 . Reply
BestForexList . 2020-02-18
12 min. And just bla bla bla. Come to the point. Think i wont finish the video
121 2 . Reply
Info Matters . 2020-02-18
Now if he only teaches me how to Aquire my course subjects.
121 2 . Reply
4n0n mann . 2020-02-18
Sprache erwerben wie ein Baby ist einfach durch das Zuhören. Lesen und Schreiben brauchste am Anfang gar nicht, Sprechen auch nicht unbedingt direkt sondern erst ein bisschen später. Du solltest dich nur auf das Zuhören konzentrieren. Grammatik solltest du am Anfang auch nicht lernen, weil so wirst du so sehr auf deine Grammatik achten dass du nicht mehr frei sprechen kannst.
Wie? Tandempartner kann dir ein Bild von einem Märchen beschreiben und du sollst zuhören.
Wenn ihr miteinander redet dann: 1. nur auf der Fremdsprache / 2. keine Grammatik-Erklärungen / 3. er soll dich nicht korrigieren.
121 2 . Reply
ThatDutchguy . 2020-02-17
I acquired English during my youth watching cartoons, wanting to watch them in English for no perticular reason besides not wanting to lose the original cast narrations/contexts and voices.

For some reason i didn't like the Dutch synchronisation of them, especially because the same voice actors/actors were involved in too many of those, it got boring xD.

With my Frysian language acquisition it was for pure heritage reasons, yes, i'm a proud North Dutch Frysian, you've got South-West Danish and North-West German Frysian's aswell.⬅(think "Vikings", that's pretty much a Frysian)

Afrikaans (spoken in ZA) was then very easy to aquire, with both my native Dutch and "native" Frysian⬅ that took me about 3 years though, Afrikaans in less than a year, same for my Luxemburgish.

I had German at school, but to say that i learned German (Deutsch) at school is a real stretch of the imagination hahahah, i just acquired German by emersion i suspect, cuz it definitely weren't the school lessons that got me there irl lolzzz.

Still, this video is valuable to me, because for some reason I'm over thinking Mandarin Chinese currently and have a love/hate relationship with it.

I'm at 249 characters now, but boy is it an alien language to me, still, i'm determined to "master" the language, but it's fair to say I'm struggling currently xD.

I will try this out, see were it gets me in a year.
121 2 . Reply
Mark Sconce . 2020-02-17
This video is 57:10 long. That's nothing!
121 2 . Reply
Camila VD Arvani . 2020-02-17
Amazing video.Please, can you letting me know what,is the Level for Irish Language (Gaelic from Ireland) Cheers
121 2 . Reply
Jen Combs . 2020-02-17
Spanish Language has about 8,000 words derived from Arabic: "ojalá" is same as “law sha allah” in Arabic. This will motivate me to learn Arabic.
121 2 . Reply
Rt.Honourable Gentleman . 2020-02-17
57-year old ordinary English (UK) guy here who only speaks English but have always wanted to speak another language, (preferably Spanish) before I pop my clogs. I watched the whole video in one go and found it truly inspirational, with a completely different take on learning a new language Thank you to Jeff & all who took part, absolutely awesome :-)
121 2 . Reply
magnifikris . 2020-02-16
Can't deal with your subtitles.
121 2 . Reply
Yegalan Chetty . 2020-02-16
So what Level would Tamil be?
121 2 . Reply
Malak Ghalb . 2020-02-16
you have an Egyptian like an accent in Arabic I was shocked for a second there but GREAT job!
121 2 . Reply
Sasha Kim . 2020-02-16
I think i naturally somehow acquired english, honesly. I was never good at english at school, i couldn´t even get one simple sentence together without making a mistake. But then i started reading and watching series and movies with english captions on and that helped a lot. Like, a lot.
121 2 . Reply
Mik1248 . 2020-02-16
Not everybody has the chance to live where you have that kind of teachers
121 2 . Reply
Ronald Jones . 2020-02-16
Will continue to learn Spanish, so far a continuous effort since Nov 2001. Fortunately I have read countless books in spanish about literature, science, novels and self help. But I have alway joked that a Hispanic child can speak better than I can, now I know why. The next year will be remarkably better with the info I just received! Being a newly retired family doctor I have the time, already had the inclination, now I know the magic and rules.
121 2 . Reply
Maxime Joanis . 2020-02-16
20:00 Come on... 17h a week is not nothing. It's half a full time job. How many nothings like that can you fit in your schedule? Not many. Why? It's not nothing. At all.
121 2 . Reply
Harrey potter . 2020-02-16
Get rid of the loud music on this video. Its distracting!
121 2 . Reply
stupid american . 2020-02-16
beautiful video. i can attest to this, as a native arab. it's how i've acquired English. through games, tv shows, music, and a family that was proficient in english. your arabic is amazing for someone who'd only spent a year to learn it, i immediately fell in love :)
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Golding . 2020-02-16
I'm re-watching this because it's such an inspiration, but there's one part that doesn't really make sense.
The logic against learning to read doesn't really follow... You've said it's bad to learn to read because lots of people you've known who have done this have wasted loads of time writing. Surely it's better to just say do not write? Stephen Krashen has a video called The Power of Reading, and is a big big fan of reading.

For Korean, I would have thought reading would be a great idea. I can imagine Mandarin is very hard to start reading, so maybe the advice works there. Arabic, they have the script, which you can get with the extra marks to indicate the missing pronunciation information - used by children who are learning. Japanese, you could convert the kanji into hiragana/katakana - which you can learn in a day.

Reading seems like a really cheap way of getting extra input in your own time. Once I've got my german in a good place, I will experiment learning Arabic with reading, see how it goes.
121 2 . Reply
Natalie ♥ . 2020-02-16
Wonderful video. Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am intermediate to advanced in French, but am trying to get over the hump and become fluent. I struggle most with understanding spoken French. There are a lot of great insights in this video and I can totally see how acquisition works. I find when I visit France after even 1 week being submerged in the culture and language my French improves 10 fold. Already started using Hello Talk and want to try to find a French speaking meet up in my area. Thanks for the video! It was wonderfully made. Also, please pay no mind to the rude comments - I was surprised there were any negative comments after watching this. I loved it! What an awesome experience it must have been to meet all those people in Egypt. Languages open us up to a whole new world. :)
121 2 . Reply
Cplusplus Dude . 2020-02-16
I came here to dislike the rubbish. If you want to speak a language you HAVE TO learn it and yes it's a long and painful process that implies a lot of practice, face it.

It's just a dumb video for dumb, lazy ass people who want to speak a language without putting any effort to learn it. It's up to par with videos like "Learn languages while sleeping", 'Learn languages while sh!tting', "Learn languages while wanking", you got the idea.
121 2 . Reply
Kristine Kruszelnicki . 2020-02-16
"My friend will pay" - I laughed so hard my next door neighbours probably heard me. Didn't see that one coming!
121 2 . Reply
Kimballs Manager . 2020-02-16
There are loads more Languages for each Level from the DoD. Also, Serbian-Croation is a Level 3 Language, not Level 4 for Native English speakers. I was at DLI learning it myself in the USAF.
121 2 . Reply
Höher wertiger . 2020-02-16
yer video is longer than i need to study a new language. must be fake.
121 2 . Reply
Pickle juice . 2020-02-15
It sucks that there are not many people willing to exchange English for Dutch. Most Dutch people are fluent in English and the language itself is not as common..
121 2 . Reply
bdekraker . 2020-02-15
"Don't try to read or write."
"Reading is great comprehensible input."
"You need kids books and magazines."
"Babies don't learn anything."

This video is so full of contradictions and vagueness. It's also about 5x longer than needed, to say one thing: Over-studying isn't how humans learn fluent language. There. I saved you an hour.
121 2 . Reply
Pickle juice . 2020-02-15
I was never the best student in high school, but I had the best grade for our English speaking exam. The main reason for that is that i was so lazy i spent most of my time playing video games, watching videos and listening to music. Oddly I also never really spoke to anyone that often in English. I also noticed there are many people who are not so "bright" but can speak at least 3 languages. I think that just shows that language learning should not be that difficult if done correctly.
121 2 . Reply
Aliswick • . 2020-02-15
Welp, is there anyone fluent in french that is interested in learning Arabic or improving their English? If so, we can perhaps help each other! I'm fluent in both. But now I wanna teach myself french :)
121 2 . Reply
Keldwik Chaldain . 2020-02-15
What are your thoughts on cloze deletion based flash cards, which act as sentence flash cards which ask you to remember a word in context.
121 2 . Reply
Gustavo Zotelli . 2020-02-15
Wow, if you have money and time to do so, it’s doable
121 2 . Reply
Mr. Frog . 2020-02-15
Takk fyrir! Þetta myndband er æðislegt. Ég er frá Kanada og ég er að læra íslensku eða eignast íslensku). Bless Bless !🇮🇸
121 2 . Reply
Francisco Sánchez . 2020-02-15
Second time I see this video, it's totally amazing!! Been learning French for a month, and acquiring language through comprehensible input it's just awesome!
121 2 . Reply
Clark Roth . 2020-02-15
I can't believe how powerfully uplifting & helpful this video is...just pure inspirational gold. I have a couple languages that I've rigorously 'studied' where I'm at this plateau of knowing a lot but not feeling especially fluid & organic with conversation, & now I'm just starting on a level 4 & realizing I can't keep putting myself in that same cul-de-sac. So excited to explore a new frontier with all these insights & suggestions. Thank you so, so much for sharing this.
121 2 . Reply
Bon Summers . 2020-02-15
Correction does not work? 31:39 +,…. It's basically a waste of time? I don't think so.
121 2 . Reply
Omicron . 2020-02-15
Google translate killed everything.
121 2 . Reply
Li ChenQing . 2020-02-15
This is totally blow me away! so encouragable.
121 2 . Reply
This is why I love the internet, . 2020-02-15
I’m surprised that Japanese is considered a level 5 language. I wonder why. It’s so straight forward once you know nouns and verbs.
121 2 . Reply
This is why I love the internet, . 2020-02-15
Jeff Brown literally looks like two seperate people sharing one face.
121 2 . Reply
Dustin . 2020-02-15
The lesson here- babies are stupid
121 2 . Reply
MMD . 2020-02-15
That’s how i learned English I never had to put work into learning it i just played games and talked with people in chat and watched english videos and I don’t even pay attention to my English classes i still don’t know grammar rules i just use them sure it’s not perfect but i think that it’s pretty good
121 2 . Reply
MMD . 2020-02-15
Damn your arabic is pretty good for 1 year i can completely understand it
121 2 . Reply
marissa welch . 2020-02-15
This is a very encouraging video! Also, shoutout to Lia! She was my French teacher at OCC for a semester back in 1999. I took two years of Spanish in high school and did not retain much. I'm looking to learn, I mean acquire some real Spanish now and I'm so glad to have come across this video and these methods!
121 2 . Reply
Geneya Ve-Jessico . 2020-02-14
This is honestly so inspiring, I've been picking up Korean again. I started in 2017 but felt so defeated just looking at the grammar, also couldn't find a decent exchange because people use those apps as dating sites nowadays. I live in Africa not a lot of Koreans this side so I'd be thrilled if someone would do this with me, my Instagram handle is @geneya_campbell.
121 2 . Reply
Norfolk250 . 2020-02-14
To learn a new language, just talk as loud as you can over the music that should be in the background.
121 2 . Reply
John Harrison . 2020-02-14
121 2 . Reply
Jose Maliel . 2020-02-14
I speak English and 5 other Indian languages, come to think of it all of them I acquired. On the other hand, I learnt French for 2 years in college, except for one or two phrases I can't remember anything. I agree with everything you have said.
121 2 . Reply
Keon Esky . 2020-02-14
I have more than 20 years of language teaching experience and​ a proven track of success with hundreds of students who acquired Italian (I am a native speaker del dolce sì...) within a couple of years of studying it for about 1.5hrs a week. This video is just another mumbo-jumbo ​pseudo-academic​ claim ​talking down ​at ​you pretending that grammar is not necessary. Yet, the ​experts speaking ​are very aware of the structures that grammar carries​ and their relevance in language acquisition. They conflate ​​adult with children learning. The latter, use completely different cognitive pathways than the former. ​​I could go on and on and on but I'll stop here. Hence, while ​this video has some valid points​ ​their assumptions are sweeping​ and their selective use of knowledge in the field, questionable at best. ​​P​lease do not waste your time with this video!
121 2 . Reply
Kujar3Player . 2020-02-14
Man... I am 10 minutes into the video and it completely explains how I learned English.
It was not uncommon for people to reach out to me be it in class or family and ask me if I could teach them English because by far I always appeared to have far more advanced understanding of the language. However, I always had to turn them down, I didn't know how I would explain grammar rules, I never learned it myself and as the video explains, I simply acquired it. At first it was simply from playing games, my native language is not something games would often be translated into so you have to make due with what's available and that's English in most scenarios. That expanded into TV shows that I'd start watching in original dub, then youtube videos, then conversations with native speakers thanks to the online games I've been playing.
I don't remember an instance where I would be sitting down with a book, trying to actively learn English, it just sort of came to me and I had the sudden realization of it just 10 minutes in... I am thinking of learning Japanese for quite some time now and just realizing this will probably help me immensely~
121 2 . Reply
Vee Siam . 2020-02-14
The very best and the most interesting and the most inspiring video i've watched by far by any Polyglot 😆
So what is your next target language Sir ? Thai in my opinion is a level 5 and not 4 and is grammatically more difficult to learn to Speak by far than Chinese , but Chinese is a lot more difficult to learn to Read than Thai as it has Thousands of Characters !
121 2 . Reply
Patrick Tobey . 2020-02-13
Loved your video, I am also a polyglot (8 languages) and would like to add a little trick that helped me a lot acquiring my languages, I would select some movies that I have already seen and will look them up in the target language with subtitles and just watch them without making any effort and my subconscious mind will automatically link the sounds to the written subs... Hope it adds to your advices...greetings from Antibes / France.
121 2 . Reply