Hydrogen - the Fuel of the Future?

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    Popular Comments:

Real Engineering . 2018-04-20
This YouTube stuff is great and all, but it's an awful lot of work. My real dream is to become one of those lazy instagram models that just take photos of their food for $$$. Gis a follow on instagram and make a boys dream come true https://www.instagram.com/brianjamesmcmanus/
121 2 . Reply
Kusumavathy K . 2020-02-18
Appreciation from my side for your milestone,
121 2 . Reply
Baileyeatspizza . 2020-02-17
I thought hydrogen was flammable
121 2 . Reply
Chandan Mahata . 2020-02-16
Biohydrogen & Biodiesel: Waste To Green Energy
121 2 . Reply
Kroban3 . 2020-02-16
It's a good thing the US invaded Afghanistan when it did. With the vast lithium deposits there Tesla will need access to lithium for its EV cars
121 2 . Reply
EJV . 2020-02-15
Isn't using electricity for electrolysis to produce hydrogen, which in turn is used to generate electricity to drive the motor of a hydrogen car , bit daft? The final efficiency of such a car is only 50%.
Yes , the advantages are easy "refuelling" and to those living in high rise buildings who can't charge electric cars at home. However, battery technology is advancing at tremendous pace, with solid states and supercapacitors adding mileage and the speed of charging. I think a 600 mile battery with 10 minutes charge time will be there in very near future.
I'm not discounting hydrogen as an alternative energy source.
Electric cars preceded ICE , but discovery of fossil fuels mothballed it for a century.
Probably hydrogen would make a comeback later
121 2 . Reply
Siddhant Kumawat . 2020-02-13
6:30 But Why to convert electricity to hydrogen and then again use the hydrogen to convert into electricity? why don't we use lithium ion batteries instead?
121 2 . Reply
Marvin Montgomery . 2020-02-12
Still using crude oil
121 2 . Reply
Auden . 2020-02-09
Rip middle east actually may make it better though
121 2 . Reply
No use for lazy people None. . 2020-02-08
As long as Hydrogen puts Elon Musk OUT OF BUSINESS...I am 100% behind this fuel. And, you can REfuel in minutes rather then HOURS with the Tesla. Love this idea
121 2 . Reply
ObviousImp . 2020-01-31
First up... realy nice video. But i think hydrogen cant be the Futur. The absolute energyefficiancy ist just as bad or even worse than fossiles.
Energieproduktion and transportaktion are bound to loose Energy, producing hydrogen looses alot of energy and then burning it also looses a lot of energy. Doesent seem very ecofriendly and cosiderate for me. You have a absolute efficiancy in the lower single digits procentlies, where as electric Cars can easily reach 20-30 percent.
121 2 . Reply
John Burns . 2020-01-24
What is the cost of the fuel cells? And how long do they last?
121 2 . Reply
Nav Dadwal . 2020-01-14
Maybe hydrogen isn't suitable for vehicles but can be used as a fuel for like burning or something?ยฟ
121 2 . Reply
pobra posric . 2020-01-13
Solid state battery will blow hydrogen away, unless something revolutionary happened
121 2 . Reply
Arif Koรงer . 2020-01-11
When hydrogen becomes efficient in vehicles people will start to kill each others for pure water as they have done so for oil for the last two centuries. Science and advancement? No, I'd rather return back to the Stone Age.
121 2 . Reply
Martin Andreas Kruse . 2020-01-09
But @Real Engineering , what happens if a pressurized hydrogen tank, is heated, you know, like in a fire from other cars (gazoline or batterypowered), or a burning garage, like the one at Stavanger airport in Norway the day before yesterday (that was started by a old diesel Opel Zafira from 2005)? Will it eventually explode, and in case of yes, how big would this explosion be? I know you mention an emergeny vent, but this venting could be facing another vehicle or person/structure, and fry these to ash, if it was to be anything like the short clip in your video.
I love your videos, make no mistake, but I think all these demonstrations from e.g. Toyota, are missing real-life scenarios. Put that venting on it's head, and on top of a regular gazoline or diesel-powered vehicle, and let's see how it works out... :-/
121 2 . Reply
M H Choudhury . 2020-01-06
Hydrogen, if clean green energy , may be here now. We are interested in HYSR, a not so new company , who may be almost ready to go to production. We remain optimistic.
121 2 . Reply
Tutu Tutu . 2020-01-06
what does it emit ?
121 2 . Reply
harry brerwster . 2020-01-01
This the thing shell and all the big companies want to keep the people depend on big corporations suppling energy! The answer is simple bring energy needs down to the individual like the real Tesla revealed 100 years ago this is all hog wash
121 2 . Reply
Lee Kenyon . 2020-01-01
Hydrogen fuel uses limited resources unlike lab grown oil and gasaline that is made with plants like other biofuels
121 2 . Reply
Yukta Vala . 2019-12-31
Nice ๐Ÿ‘ green energy
121 2 . Reply
Apache Sakai . 2019-12-28
No argue, Hydrogen 95% make from dirty energy at the moment, but the Good is Hydrogen get the platform ready to be produce with clean energy in the future, I support Hydrogen energy for the future of clean energy, Imagine if every car using lithium Battery, The lithium waste will be worst than plastic pollution
121 2 . Reply
Shubhangi Godse . 2019-12-27
We are running out of water and you plan to electrolytic it for fuel . A real bummer?!?!?!
121 2 . Reply
Enigmaa . 2019-12-26
Water is the fuel of the future.
121 2 . Reply
Kawal . 2019-12-17
Here is a claim by Canadian to extract cheapest way to extract hydrogen from abandoned and in use Sand oil fields.

121 2 . Reply
Mr Peco . 2019-12-16
we just need to re-engineer our cities
so that we don't need cars
that's where we need to start
121 2 . Reply
vascoa . 2019-12-14
what do you mean hydrogen is safer than gasoline?
you can see or smell hydrogen, and it doesn't burn unless pressurized through a burner outlet..
hydrogen with oxygen will explode all at once releasing all it's energy in one instance... not good for anyone around..
besides an hydrogen car using compressed hydrogen will be a really heavy car, since you need huge metal (or at least fiber) pressurized canisters...
not easy.. not easy at all.
121 2 . Reply
Marcelo Pacheco . 2019-12-11
Fool cells is still fool cells even in Dec/2019. The issue isn't Lithium scarcity but Cobalt and perhaps Nickel. Cobalt content can be lowered. Tesla already done this. Within a few years Cobalt could be removed altogether from Tesla Li Ion cells.
And better chemistries that don't need rare metals are coming.
Meanwhile the fundamental efficiency H2 issues are first principles physics challenges that can't be bypassed.
I have a feeling 2-3 years from now H2 FCVs will still be scarce and won't have a full lift off.
121 2 . Reply
M.' FUNK . 2019-12-10
Humanity needs to unite to protect the planet.
121 2 . Reply
Scudmaster11 . 2019-12-08
stop the electric cars and move to air cars and hydrogen cars
121 2 . Reply
Brad Holmes . 2019-12-07
Great information, well presented! Brad Holmes Tai Chi& Qigong and B Rad Designs.
121 2 . Reply
Jay Moffett . 2019-12-06
What about water cells
121 2 . Reply
Mohammad . 2019-12-02
0:07 weather you believe in climate change or you're an idiot.
121 2 . Reply
Wil E. Coyote . 2019-12-01
Elon Musk Is Wrong About Hydrogen:

Electric vehicle batteries needs lots of Lithium & cobalt to manufacture them, but cobalt is a big problem, as in short-supply on land. Sea bed mining for cobalt, with accompanying death of aquatic life from mining sand plumes, isn't the answer!.

Electric vehicle batteries are also a big disposal/recycling problem, particularly as the battery pack from a Tesla weighs 540Kg (1,200 pounds!). The rise of electric cars will leave us with big battery waste problems after 8 years @t

The Japanese will be announcing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics that Japan is moving to a hydrogen powered economy.
Hydrogen can be made & stored from 'wrong time' solar, tidal, PV renewables & used in fuel cell vehicles that produce zero air pollution. Fuel cells require thin film platinum, a metal which already exists in sufficient quantities in several countries eg S Africa, Russia, Canada, USA. Every 24 hours lots of wrong-time renewable power is currently wasted/curtailed, this can be used to make & store hydrogen.
121 2 . Reply
Eltot . 2019-11-23
Earth is surrounded of water,, if we harvest hydrogen in water thru electrolysis, we could help our mother earth to recover from global warming because of burning fossil fuel and other harmful gases that trapped in the atmosphere.
121 2 . Reply
bokuno channel . 2019-11-22
we needed more YouTube channel like this
121 2 . Reply
CarryPotter . 2019-11-20
The Hydrogen for the Cars is.not so explosive as in the Hindenburg
121 2 . Reply
Lars Pallesen . 2019-11-17
"Hydrogen may well prove to be the tortoise that beats the hare". When? When there's 10 million BEVs on the roads? 100 million?
121 2 . Reply
Muhammad Asif . 2019-11-16
Air is the fuel of future. Air harvesters are always looking for big fires and water. Our sun is a mouth watering target for some. ๐Ÿ˜
Jupiter is there just in case. Your own sun, just needing some science.
121 2 . Reply
Jan Horevaj . 2019-11-13
@Real Engineering - missing important factor here = battery life-time, re-cycle portion + battery disposition impacts (costwise also)
121 2 . Reply
dj Curiosity . 2019-11-10
F*** what people think !
Just do it ...
Save the world or face consequences to the extremes....Humans are playing to many games still living & thinking like chimps...
121 2 . Reply
Paddy Matter . 2019-11-10
I'm missing in this Video the Energy efficacy fuelcell vs BEV. And as far as I know fuelcell car dose also need ๐Ÿ”‹ to store the power. This because the fuelcell can not work under load. To fill up a fuelcell car dose take up to 5 min. Because of the high pressure needed to get as much fuel in to the tank the System needs do increase the pressure which takes to date up to 15 min. This is about the speed of a Fast charger Station with 100kh und 3 Stalls. The cost is about 5 times cheeper to get the same output with BEV.

Also because the ๐Ÿ”‹ used in a fuelcell car is not big it will lose it's capacity very quikly. Lets say the ๐Ÿ”‹ a 5 to 8 kwh in size (not bigger because we have the fuelcell, tank and a ๐Ÿ”‹ to put in the car) , and a car drives about 200'000km in his life. The power consumtion is about 175 wh/km. This would give us 4300 full charging cycles. This results in 3.5 Akku pre placements over it's life. So for me the Only way H will work is power to gas and gas to power. What do you think?
121 2 . Reply
Aaron Le . 2019-11-06
don't we use our existing natural gas infrastructure to distribute hydrogen
gas.ย  Hydrogen can be use to burn for
cooking food.ย  We won't have to worry
about night time or rainy day. We can pipe hydrogen to everyone home.
121 2 . Reply
Victor Hugo . 2019-11-04
refineries can easily modify to produce hydrogen
121 2 . Reply
Victor Hugo . 2019-11-04
Alex Autos guy youtuber, actually owns a hydrogen car himself, so he obviously knows something we know donยดt? Will people just end up buying used Leafs until 2027 then jump straight over electric to hydrogen, I mean there is already the bi-motor Leaf coming out with 700nm, that will be dirt cheap used in 2024, so if you have a gasoline now, you just hold until 2022 or 2023, then get a used Leaf and instead of buying a new EV, just jump straight to hydrogen new or used.
121 2 . Reply
Dave . 2019-11-02
somebody find metallic hydrogen ffs and no one would need to make these redundant videos
121 2 . Reply
Sage Bias . 2019-10-26
Mention your sponsor at the start.
121 2 . Reply
prajeesh nair . 2019-10-26
Is your battery vs hydrogen video out?
121 2 . Reply
Leodegario Gonzales . 2019-10-25
We have a lot of hydrogen fuel in the Philippines ,it is called Deuterium ,the only trouble is it lies in the bottom of the ocean.If the technology is available ,it Is inexhaustible.
121 2 . Reply
Tim Collins . 2019-10-23
Hydrogen can be transported as Ammonia and separated at the distribution point by use of the CSIRO's membrane technology using equipment like Siemens small footprint containerized kit.
121 2 . Reply