Several cold blooded animals in infrared.

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Infrared film of various "coldblooded" animals, they are depending on an outside source of warmth, the warmth lays like a red blanket on top of the animals. In biology this is called "ectotherm". http://www.worldofwarmth.com

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biology ectotherm endotherm thermoregulation snake tarantula reptiles varan infrared solar heat arno vlooswijk world of warmth thermoregulate

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Saiavinn . 2019-08-12
Funny. Reptile underbellies look exactly how you'd think- as cool as their surroundings, but since they need that heat to stay functional, all that sunbathing basically paints their backs in warmth.
The tarantula needs no such thing, and is perfectly content remaining cool and almost undetectable except when contrasted against something warmblooded, like us.
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Elzurag . 2015-05-02
thanks for this
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