Martial Arts Medicine and Lotions Explained

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Ever wondered what all these medicines and lotions do used by martial artists. This video explains the differences between the medicine and shows what's available on the market.

All the lotions in the video are for treating minor martial arts injuries that you'll regularly get during martial arts practice. Some of the lotions offers cooling therapy and others heating therapy. Some are used for treating bruises and knocks while other help progress you with your hand conditioning.

Doug Swift, Owner of Enso Martial Arts Shop in Bristol talks about what each of the lotions offers and what might be best for you.

Included in the video is:

Red Tiger Balm: http://shop.ensomartialarts.com/red-tiger-balm-muscle-rub-and-healing-for-bruises/dp/1305

White Tiger Balm: http://shop.ensomartialarts.com/white-tiger-balm-for-reducing-inflammation-and-swelling/dp/1304

Zheng Gu Shui: http://shop.ensomartialarts.com/zheng-gu-shui-spray-also-called-fix-bone-water/dp/1281

Red Flower Oil: http://shop.ensomartialarts.com/chinese-red-flower-oil-axe-brand-for-muscular-aches/dp/1280

Dit Da Oil: http://shop.ensomartialarts.com/dit-da-jow-liniment-from-an-ancient-chinese-recipe/dp/1183

Dragon and Tiger Balm: http://shop.ensomartialarts.com/dragon-and-tiger-balm-is-in-a-small-convenient-sized-tin/dp/1659

All can be bought via our website at www.ensomartialarts.com or come and visit us

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Mohammed Al Nayeem . 2019-09-22
So how do you apply it? Just rub it in and massage? Then for how Long?
121 2 . Reply
James Espinar . 2019-04-14
What about when you're training iron Palm take iron pot with a banging and hating your hand against the bag and what do you have anything that is good for tucking in the knuckles thank you
121 2 . Reply