How to apply eye ointment

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In November 2016, mum Shelley and two nurses from the children's charity WellChild helped to prepare a series of instructional medicines videos for the Medicines for Children website. These videos are designed to be an accurate source of practical information for parents and carers giving medicines at home to their child.

The videos were filmed at Edge Hill University's 'Better at Home' suite.

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Anna Boll . 2019-08-15
Except a real child swats your hand, seals eyes shut and continuously moves head and eyes around...
121 2 . Reply
Ivan Dmytriv . 2018-01-12
Really ? How about a real baby? Have you ever tried?
121 2 . Reply
Peter Sorensen . 2017-11-17
Would be more sanitary and more comfortable for the baby! if she would use the 5 stars Eyedrop AND Ointment saver!
121 2 . Reply