Should one consume flax seeds raw or roasted for PCOS? - Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

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Eating raw or roasted flax seeds. It is your choose, whatever you like. But has benefits. However the flax seeds should not be roasted on a high flame, it should be roasted for a little longer time but roasting for slow flame preserves its essential nutrients. Flax seeds are considered as superfood as it contains many nutrients and if you powder them or mill them, then you can add in any amount of recipes that you like. Why flax seeds are important. Apart from other nutrient contents which the flax seeds has estrogen levels down and also maintaining the hormonal balance in the body. So that is why it is very important. You can consume it how you want, maybe 2 teaspoons a day. So stay healthy.

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    Popular Comments:

Ivar Hakuse . 2020-01-09
Oestrogen .....something.......? lignans sorry couldn’t get it?
121 2 . Reply
Shoeb Khan . 2019-10-23
What about pumpkin seeds we shud consume raw or roasted...
121 2 . Reply
Divya Chandra . 2019-04-08
The last point in tge benifits of flaxseed was menopausal, so what does that it mean? Will it trigger menopause?
121 2 . Reply
Asha Mahor . 2019-04-02
Me flax seeds ko raw form me grind kr ke night tym me milk ke sath le rhi hu...is it safe..or not..?...plz plz answer
121 2 . Reply
Pratik Roy . 2019-02-23
I think she meant to say 2 tbsp
121 2 . Reply
Love you DHONI . 2019-02-22
Can I eat it raw 1 tablespoon? Please reply
121 2 . Reply
panchhi singh Dhull . 2018-04-09
Hindi me bhi upload kro
121 2 . Reply
paul kawsek . 2018-02-24
flax seeds will negatively affect your testosterone levels. If you consume it raw it
will pass thru you. you must grind it first and consume in a short time
121 2 . Reply
LIME LITE . 2018-02-09
raw flax seeds can we eat as raw?
121 2 . Reply
rosy r . 2017-12-25
Hi mam I'm Breastfeeding mom can I take flaxseeds
121 2 . Reply
ssaxe01s . 2017-11-26
Wrong advice on the quantity.
Less than 2 tbsp per meal is not enough to be beneficial.
121 2 . Reply
B singh . 2017-10-05
I m already skinny my weight is just 43 kg can I have flax seeds to get omega 3 . Will it make me more thin
121 2 . Reply
Howard Johnson . 2017-08-10
I don't want to grind my flax seeds.  How do I get any good out of them without grinding?  Is there a way to soak them to a point that they will digest?
121 2 . Reply
poornima venkatappa . 2017-07-04
mam can I take flaxseed power period time? please answer me😘😘😘
121 2 . Reply
Pragati Sethi . 2017-06-25
Dr. Sahiba flax seed roast krne se un me sodium bdh nhi jayega? Due to nacl... Plz tell
121 2 . Reply
Ziddi Girl . 2017-04-13
plz urdu translation krdy
121 2 . Reply
Shorokhaibam Joymala . 2017-04-07
chai seed help in irregular periods
121 2 . Reply
shivam sharma . 2017-03-31
we can take in summer or not?
121 2 . Reply
Mini Sharma . 2017-01-18
can it be consumed in pregnancy too?
121 2 . Reply
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