The 7 Best Hearing Aids of 2019

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The 7 Best Hearing Aids of 2019. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, discusses his favorite hearing aids as we enter 2019.

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In 2018, we saw some amazing new technology hit the market, with more technological advancements already in the works for 2019. Of course, as with any new hearing aid, all of these new devices were designed to provide better sound quality and better speech understanding in background noise, so we are going to focus more on the specific features that sets these devices apart from the competition.

#7. Unitron Moxi All - The main feature that helped this hearing aid make the list is the Flex Upgrade. The Flex Upgrade lets you purchase a lower level of technology and upgrade it to a higher level of technology at a later date. You keep the same physical devices, you just have the technology inside of the devices upgraded. This way you can upgrade to new technology when you need it and when you can afford it, even if it is years down the road.

#6. Widex Evoke - Machine Learning is the main feature of the Evoke that helped it make the list. This device can learn your preferences by allowing you to make A/B comparisons in a real listening environment. All you do is tell the App if you prefer Sound A or Sound B. It then takes this data to improve how you hear, and learns your preferences over time.

#5. Starkey Livio Ai - This hearing aid has Artificial Intelligence right in the name. This is because it uses on-board sensors to track both body movement and social interaction. It is designed to help you become more physically and socially active which we know can improve health outcomes. It is packed with a bunch of features such as fall detection and real-time language translation. It now also has the capability of working with remote accessories such as a TV streamer and Remote Microphone which can improve your listening experience even more.

#4. Phonak Virto B-Titanium - The Virto B-Titanium is the only Invisible In Canal (IIC) hearing aid to make the list. As the name suggests, it is made out of Titanium so it can be 30% thinner and smaller than an Acrylic hearing aid. Not only is it extremely discrete, it is the best performing IIC hearing aid on the market. It does require a deem ear mold impression, and is not suited for extremely severe cases of hearing loss.

#3. Oticon OPN - The OPN has been an extremely popular hearing aid since 2016. The OPN Sound Navigator allows you to hear speech from different directions while still suppressing background noise. This is much different than the traditional way of hearing better in background noise by directing hearing aid microphones forward only. Combine this feature with decreased listening effort and good reported sound quality, and the Oticon OPN is one of the best hearing aids that money can buy.

#2. ReSound LiNX Quattro - The Quattro replaces the LiNX 3D line of devices. Along with its long lasting lithium rechargeable batteries, it will also have the capability of streaming from an Android device, not just Apple device. It also has the best Smartphone App in the industry. It allows you to make all kinds of adjustments to your program settings and even allows you to receive remote adjustments from your hearing care professional.

#1. Phonak Audeo Marvel - The Marvel is the closest thing that you will find to an All-In-One device because it basically does everything. It is the ONLY device to stream audio directly from Android & Apple devices because it uses Bluetooth Classic. The New AutoSense 3.0 allows the hearing aid to make better adjustments on its own vs. a hearing aid user making adjustments with a push button. Later in 2019 Phonak will come out with Telecoil Versions of the 312, 13, and Rechargeable Battery Models. They can also be remotely adjusted and are Roger Ready. This means that your hearing care provider can do a firmware update to make the already installed internal Roger Receiver active so you can use any of the great Phonak Roger FM accessories.

In my opinion, those are the best hearing aids of 2019. Which one is right for you? This depends on your wants and needs, and how familiar your hearing care provider is with each type.

No matter how great a hearing aid is, it will not perform its best unless you’ve had real ear measurement performed on them. Now if you don’t know what real ear measurement is, I highly recommend you check out my REM video because it is the only way to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed correctly to your hearing loss prescription. REM Video: https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY

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MH Advertising . 2020-02-17
How much the Starkey 24 cost. Need to get some for my mom and wanting to a price idea
121 2 . Reply
edwin berrios . 2020-02-11
121 2 . Reply
Lizzie Shepp . 2020-02-06
What can you said about the hearing aids from hearingbloom .com
121 2 . Reply
kumari rajmati . 2020-02-06
Sir give me your mobile no
121 2 . Reply
sssleyer . 2020-02-02
Jesus, go explain a retired car mechanic that was born in the 50s about machine learning. Seriously?? you sure you do not have a degree in sales? do you think elderly people care about the comparability of those devices to iphone?? not a single word about the hearing quality, ergonomics and things that really matter.
121 2 . Reply
gillart99 . 2020-01-31
Great. But I’m researching for my 80 year old parents who have zero chance of ever using a smartphone. Disappointed to see that all the “best” options require a smartphone.
121 2 . Reply
Vance Watson . 2020-01-30
Thank you very much. Your incites are very helpful
121 2 . Reply
Kelly Fulton . 2020-01-28
I was going over my audiogram, which measured my hearing at about 10 frequencies, as usual. I asked the ENT about all the frequencies which were NOT tested, and whether my hearing at those frequencies would "follow the curve" described by the test, or if they could vary significantly from the measured results. He got kinda defensive, and basically said, "testing more frequencies would make every hearing test three times as long!" Personally, I don't really care if my test takes 9 minutes instead of 3 minutes, if it would make the results more accurate.

So, Doctor Cliff, would testing more frequencies make a difference in my audiogram? Also, are they always the same frequencies tested every time?
121 2 . Reply
Jake B . 2020-01-27
I enjoy your videos and insight.
However, I need to disagree with your number 2 choice of Resound Quatro and the Smart 3D app. I have been trying to use this app for almost 12 months. Initially the app worked fine until an update was made by either Apple or Resound... one seems to point the finger at the other. I use an Iphone 7+ software Ver 13.3, the aids are Resound LiNX Quattro, the Smart 3D app is version 1.5.1.
The issue is the aids have trouble connecting to the App and staying connected, but they do not have a problem connecting to the Iphone. I have all but given up on the app because of the effort required to reconnect. It has become easier to use the programs directly on the right and left aids. My gripe is I selected the aids for their so-called connectivity to Iphones and lets be clear this product is not inexpensive. If I had the insight would have made a different choice of product. There are several work arounds as per Resound to reconnect but they are time consuming and frustrating, especially since the app worked extremely well 11 to 12 months ago. By now there should have been an update to fix this issue. Their tardiness in fixing their problem speaks volumes to me, I would not recommend Resound's products.
121 2 . Reply
Dan Davidson . 2020-01-25
What do you recommend as a cross hearing aid? I never read anything about this technology for people who are deaf in on e ear..
121 2 . Reply
Merlyn Schutterle . 2020-01-25
NIce information but what do they cost
121 2 . Reply
Katarina Srsan . 2020-01-22
You have not mentioned , prices.
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer Berrigan . 2020-01-21
Absolutely hate resound. Their technology is too muted and flat when it says to be more 3D. I feel it is not capable of accurately converting some frequencies. Phonax and oticon are still my top two.
121 2 . Reply
Naz Ayesha . 2020-01-19
Hello Dr.. I'm profoundly deaf since childhood and use hearing aids on both ears but still I get both hearing and speech disorder due to improper hearing aids.. 1 Audiologist suggested me to wear Phonak Marvel as I have severe hearing loss.. Can you suggest me too? Which one is good for me for severely hearing loss... Resound/Oticon/Phonak hearing aids model?
Waiting for your reply.. 🙇‍♀️
Thank you Dr. 🤟😊
121 2 . Reply
JD M . 2020-01-18
Hi, very helpful, what do you think about the Neosonic MX? My friend tells me it is better than the expensive one she bought . It seems reasonably priced and appears to have good reviews
121 2 . Reply
Colin Lacey . 2020-01-17
Friend of mine had an ear transplant ,the doctor used cows ears, but on the day of the op had to use one cows ear and one pigs ear. He said the cows ear was wonderfull ,could hear a pin drop at 100yards but the pigs ear not so good ,gets a lot of crackling.
121 2 . Reply
Laura Escobedo . 2020-01-09
I´m from Mexico and what I know here you can´t find an audiologist that sell many brands, they sell 1 brand and sometimes 2 so for sure they will tell you that the brand they sell its the best for you, hopefully your videos will help me to decide better
121 2 . Reply
Curtis Kane . 2020-01-07
Don't know if I agree with the $ amount giving you a better hearing aid based on only software\firmware. I would think the hearing aid manufacturer should give you the best of what they are capable within the device you buy. Always giving you the updated versions. That's called supporting your product. These things cost a fortune as it is and support should be part of that fortune you spent.
121 2 . Reply
Archana Sindhwani . 2019-12-29
Why is signia nx series not in list? Doesn't it have the max channels?
121 2 . Reply
bets Frost . 2019-12-27
Can you give me an idea of how much the Phonak marvel will cost?
121 2 . Reply
Yomara Cattoni . 2019-12-26
Hi. Dr. Cliff.. Merry Christmas to everyone.. Question.. which one are best hearing aids masker to you .. Thank you so much .. Best WISHES
121 2 . Reply
Brett Taylor . 2019-12-19
Dr, Cliff...I am newly tested and soon to get my first hearing aids. It is a maze to navigate. I research online and try to find the best solution for me, I appreciated your videos soooo much BUT when will you come out with the best for 2020! I don't want to make a $ 6, 400 mistake (price for Audeo M=90 with 3 years treatment plan).
121 2 . Reply
Luna Prez . 2019-12-18
I saw your video about COSTCO hearing aids. Have you thought about testing hearing aids issued by the VA? I've worn aids for almost 20 years and all of them from the VA. My current ones are Resound Linx 3D and they have to be the worse of the worse. After the income tax check comes in I'm going to a professional audiologist.
121 2 . Reply
Michael Wetzstein . 2019-12-17
I bought a pair of rechargeable Nano hearing aids and used them for 2 weeks. They would not hold a charge for more than a few hours so I called their customer support line. Since I was still within their 45 day warranty period I asked for my money back. They gave me a return authorization but when they received my devices, they claimed I had damaged them so they would not honor their warranty. Now, they have my $800 and my hearing aids. They do not answer emails and the costumer support reps hang up on me. This is a criminal enterprise! Do not buy anything from Nano!
121 2 . Reply
michel baudry . 2019-12-16
How do you compare phonak audro marvel with bose hearphones and behear now. Isnt very similar for the features?
121 2 . Reply
dieguin chevere . 2019-12-11
is Oticon OPN good for people with severe to profound hearing loss ? the all in the ear ones ? and can they also stream music from the phone and the TV ?
121 2 . Reply
pmh1nic . 2019-12-10
I'm having a hard time rationalizing why you should have to pay more for a software upgrade. If the hardware isn't being changed why should there be any change for a software upgrade. That is like Apple charging a fee to upgrade your Iphone from iOS 10 to 11.
121 2 . Reply
Iann Pitout . 2019-12-07
Dr Olson, what is your opinion on the Persona Medical Hearing Aids please?
121 2 . Reply
Paul Revere . 2019-12-05
I have a starky RIC 312 they give off a wireless radiation that makes them unusable for me as they give me a headache. Can this be rectified?
121 2 . Reply
Hector Guevara . 2019-12-05
I believe the list is incomplete... where are the Signia Pure and Styletto Nx devices?
121 2 . Reply
Naresh Mehndiratta . 2019-12-03
and you can message me on 9999622624 for further enquiry and all appsARE NOT GOODS and i have purchased all least twenty apps from apple store
SO I REQUEST from mobile phone app developer to make more more perfect way
121 2 . Reply
Naresh Mehndiratta . 2019-12-03
hello everybody welcome
i have been using hearing aid made out of smartphone by installing a suitable app for hearing aid app from iphone apple apple store for the last last ten years
It solves my all problems for hearing ,messaging. calling to other one on phone .hearing call from others
I find it is better to use use by this way than purchasing a hearing aid
121 2 . Reply
eifion jones . 2019-12-02
anything to make money in the US, where do you train your doctors , Harvard business school perhaps
121 2 . Reply
Mamta Rani . 2019-12-02
About Star Key hearing machine??
121 2 . Reply
C PR . 2019-11-29
Bro, do a vedio about Nuheara hearing aid.
121 2 . Reply
RPS NAIR . 2019-11-27
Hi Dr Cliff, whats your opinion on Hearbloom digital aids?
121 2 . Reply
Gary P . 2019-11-26
4:40 .. i need that hearing aid , cause when it noisy it hard to hear what others are trying to say to me since am deaf in 1 of my ears.
121 2 . Reply
Gary P . 2019-11-26
Those seem expensive, man i never knew hearing upgrade that much. Thought they were the same as i know it in 2006
121 2 . Reply
Gary P . 2019-11-26
The last time i wore a hearing aid was in 2006 😅
121 2 . Reply
Dan Senn . 2019-11-26
121 2 . Reply
TNO . 2019-11-22
what do you think of eargo?
121 2 . Reply
Ray and Carol Jowett . 2019-11-21
I can see that you are impressed with the Phonak Titanium, however, I would prefer to have built-in Bluetooth capability, so in your professional opinion, when do you think that Phonak will release a Bluetooth enabled Titanium device?
121 2 . Reply
prince amentor . 2019-11-19
Hi great Dr. i really congratulate you for your support and effort regarding such people with impairment of their hearing difficulty. Am dennis from ghana and having the same problem in hearing ,pls will like to chat you about some problems regarding my investigation in hearing since am a victim.please need your help and support.Inbox me @[email protected], hope to hear from you.
121 2 . Reply
King Kong . 2019-11-19
Does IPhone uses bluetooth classic to stream to phonak (#1 of your pick) or ReSound (#2 of your pick)? If that's the case, will ReSound with ASHA (when it's available for android 10 phones) be more power efficient than IPhone for streaming? Thanks.
121 2 . Reply
JD Morris . 2019-11-19
Great comparison
121 2 . Reply
Casey Belzer . 2019-11-18
I’d love to see this same video cost compared against affordability! Especially as a young person working as a teacher, almost no insurance help pay for hearing aids — so cost is a critical break point for me!
121 2 . Reply
Baird W . 2019-11-18
Doc....you do great work and it is most appreciated. My questions.....is there an easy way to find a audiology group that performs REM? Even if I have a 2 year old set of Halo 2 aids from another state (moved) could REM be performed? Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Lol Wu . 2019-11-16
Can you upgrade a Phonak Marvel from a M50 to a M90 with just software, or do you need to get a completely new hearing aid?
121 2 . Reply
Ivan Araya Rivera . 2019-11-15
Hello, what opinion do you have or reference to the Signia Pure headphones in relation to the 7 hearing aids you named?
121 2 . Reply
Erich Lim . 2019-11-15
Signia didn't make the list?
121 2 . Reply