Woolen vs Worsted Spinning

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This video is a brief overview of some different spinning techniques I've learned to spin worsted or woolen yarn and how that affects the outcome of your yarn.

Fiber used is a corriedale wool batt for both demos. This video is about hand positions not the wool prep for these types of spinning.

Traditionally for woolen yarn you would want to use more of a rolag type fiber prep and for a true worsted you'd want the fibers in a combed top to my understanding because then the fibers are already laying flat.

My yarns are all what I guess would classify as a " semi" style yarn where I use what ever type of fiber prep I like and then make the changes with my spinning techniques.

There was a ply magazine issue all on this topic and it was a tremendous resource.

If you like my videos and want a more of a hand with getting going with spinning if your new please check out our min spinning the basics course https://craftyhousewifeyarns.com/handspunyarnshop/how-to-spin-yarn-mini-introduction-course?category=Coures%20&%20Subscriptions

Wheel in the video is my always fabulous spinolution pollywog for more info click here.

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Arcadia Occult Curio Shop Autumn Storm Hp . 2019-07-17
Too cool! Thanks!
121 2 . Reply
sharon waddell . 2019-05-22
How does fibre prep influence the final yarn? For example if you spun woollen style with a combed top vs a rolag, would the yarn be as lofty or more flat?
I love your videos.
121 2 . Reply