J Crew Ludlow Suit Review: Navy Worsted Wool

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In this video I discuss my 3 piece Navy Worsted Wool suit from J Crew, with fabric sourced from the Tollegno Mill in Italy! I talk about why this suit is a staple and why it should be one of the first suits you buy.

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Luis Sol . 2020-02-01
Really love your channel (most amazing boot collection I've seen, total fan here!). However I do think the 2.5in lapel leans toward fashiony and you might find in 20 years that it isn't as timeless as you now perceive. Other than that I think the 38 BR suit looked great on you; even-though this suit feels great to you, it does look a bit tight ("X" across when you button it). Anyway, you do rock it, but I would recommend you consider the 38S next time and take it to an alterations tailor (also, would be better if in the future you gain some weight from gym... or burgers! :D )
121 2 . Reply
Bret Melton . 2019-12-03
I feel like many people are throwing opinion around as if its fact. Jacket is not too short, that's a preference. Shoulders look great and are very hard to get right on off the rack suit anyway
121 2 . Reply
Anon521 . 2019-08-15
You look like a douche
121 2 . Reply
Cris Yorke . 2019-04-23
DO NOT buy made in China CRAP! For suit, buy made in Italy, England, France, USA or even Spain.
121 2 . Reply
defman85 . 2019-03-11
Is that the classic fit or slim? Thanks for the review. Very helpful
121 2 . Reply
CJ Carpenter . 2018-12-04
Jcrew is having a huge sale FYI. Some of these blazers are going for $25

121 2 . Reply
JDP . 2018-11-28
I think that suit looks right,, I hate the look of excess material,, thanks for the video.. i never considered jcrew now ill make sure to stop by next time im in the mall.. thanks again
121 2 . Reply
oleoblue . 2018-11-27
Huge fan of your channel but the jacket is too tight and a little short. You shouldn't have that X around the buttoning point. I think a regular length and a size up plus a trip to the tailor to add some waist suppression and adjust the sleeves would give you a much better fit.
121 2 . Reply
Heavy Thinker . 2018-11-18
How tall are you?
121 2 . Reply
Mike Maguire . 2018-11-05
That jacket is too tight
121 2 . Reply
John Williams . 2018-11-02
Great suit but those sleeves are killing me too long🤢
121 2 . Reply