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All about what is a Recruiter, how do you become one and how much I love my job and why :) Subscribe to my channel for more 'a German living abroad' videos: https://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=sandymakessense

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Probably one of my most requested videos ever :) I really hope this inspired you! Let me know your thoughts about recruitment agencies, job boards and what your dream job is below.

x Sandy

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SandyMakesSense . 2018-11-08
Help me reach 15K followers on Instagram <3 Head over to https://www.instagram.com/sandymakessense/ and click the "Follow" button for daily videos and pics about travel and London! :)
121 2 . Reply
Aji Darisman . 2020-02-10
Hi sandy, I am Aji your new subscriber from Indonesia...I have applied job as junior recruiter in Cherkasy, Ukraine. Can I ask you how much salary of junior recruiter specially in Cherkasy, Poland.
121 2 . Reply
eddy 4 u . 2020-01-23
Hi what questions to ask ? How to communicate
121 2 . Reply
pleznt808 . 2019-12-24
I'd like to tell you it's like in Australia.

I honestly feel like recruiters are scum of society making money off other peoples hard work, because companies are too fucking lazy to go through interviews and hire people directly.

Throwing people in jobs for 2 weeks here, 3 weeks there and month or two at another place with no penalties and casual wages and hours is affecting their mental health.
As a society and a community people should never let their family or friends offer their skills and contract themselves out to recruitment agencies for 1/3 of the money the client company is paying the recruitment agency for someone else' actual skills.

They also hold onto your information to have a database of employees who aren't actually gaining employment through them, to say hey look we have this many tradespeople on the books but the tax man never asks how come these many aren't getting wages...

They also employ people who have the audacity to dictate to a qualified trades person their skill set and knowledge base and what award they should be on according to the work they are carrying out. For instance I was constantly put into T.A roles but as soon as the company found out I was a boilermaker they started asking me to fabricate and use my trade. Then I would go through this fucking headache of the recruitment saying I am a 2nd class welder, when I clearly completed my trade and am carrying out duties I would normal do as a boilermaker, but because these fuck tards get into specifics and ask if i am arc air gouging and chiseling... (Like cmon you fucking pleb cunt, do you even understand how a big workshop operates? You hire boilermakers to fab the shit and put it together and brace the cunt, then you throw it to the welders who walk around with their helmets on and guns in their hands all day just welding shit. Theirs a fucking difference!)
So even if I do say I am carrying out those specific duties they still love to fuck you around for the money.

They all seem to have this tendency to put people who hold certificates in trades into lesser roles, taking advantage of their mental health in terms of worrying about financial struggle and long term employment, so they will take any job they throw at them. The worst was when you get offered one role but when you rock up to the job it turns out your in another role. Disgusting pigs these recruitment agencies are.

If anyone in this world has a brain you should never advertise your skills to recruitment agencies. Why should you get paid less than 1/2 the amount that a recruiter is getting paid for contracting out YOUR skills.

Now I say all this, but none of the above would actually apply unless the recruiters are actually helping people gain full time positions, with suitable companies and helping them expand their skills and knowledge, assisting them in gaining more certifications so they can actually advance in their career.

If your intent was to find people full time jobs so they can work for at least 5 years with the same company then I am all for it, but over the last 5 years the recruiters in my state have just been using and abusing the system, which was clearly designed to fuck us all over.

Divide and conquer, you are a part of this melting pot.
121 2 . Reply
kim_ kimmi_ . 2019-12-18
I should have watch this first before goin in my interview now and got hired

I dont like people much
Helpful video thanks 😊
121 2 . Reply
shyam clarisco . 2019-12-16
I Don't Like Humans what should i do,
121 2 . Reply
royalwatch . 2019-12-07
I hate recruiters
121 2 . Reply
Kadz Money . 2019-12-06
Internal recruiters are failed recruiters... SORRY TO SAY!
121 2 . Reply
keke 803 . 2019-11-28
Do you travel as well?
121 2 . Reply
Roro nana . 2019-10-09
Hi Sandy I would like to ask u about all challenges or difficult situations that u face in that career,and how u get over it?
121 2 . Reply
VII . 2019-10-07
Can introverts be a recruiter?
121 2 . Reply
V PR . 2019-10-01
I am late to this video, but quick sharing my thoughts - i am involved in it recruitment for 8 years, with 300 headhunted hirings. I've had in my team a member, lady, introvert, that didnt like people, but she was very precise, punctual and honest. And she rocked ;-).
121 2 . Reply
kat galindez . 2019-09-17
Hey Sandy, I have an interview with the hiring manager this Thursday - if all goes well, it will be my first job ever. I am a Psychology major with a background on industrial psych and human resources. They're looking for someone with experience, and I was an intern for some time at another company. I really want this job, it's so close to home, and the company looks very pleasing. Do you have any advice for my interview? It's going to be a panel interview with situational type of questions. Thank you! Loved the video.
121 2 . Reply
Scotty G . 2019-08-30
your fit
121 2 . Reply
BIGJOBS . 2019-08-22
Good job sandy.. Keep doing
All the best from BIGJOBS
121 2 . Reply
Ashley Brown . 2019-08-21
Glad I viewed this before going headfirst into a career like this
121 2 . Reply
Ana Ramirez . 2019-08-03
You've been helpful. thank you.
121 2 . Reply
JUHI SADAb . 2019-07-02
Hello Sandy ,my dream job is HR executive manager but now I'm going to start my career is hr recruiter plz make a vedio how to work day to day means give me some practical and you can role play how to work them hr recruiter plz make a vedio practically .
121 2 . Reply
The Buzz Inc . 2019-06-20
Do recruiters get bonuses, or commission on top of their base salary?
121 2 . Reply
Leo Sales . 2019-06-12
I need work ma'am I'm cook/caregiver/housekeeping
121 2 . Reply
worton issk . 2019-05-31
Recruitment workers are useless graduates
121 2 . Reply
vijay kumar . 2019-05-21
Sandy that was really inform informative.. thanx alot
121 2 . Reply
Edward A . 2019-05-14
I am an immigrant aspiring to work and live in guam, can you give me a link about how to apply
121 2 . Reply
Zhiyar Ali . 2019-04-02
finally someone explains it in a very good language that I can understand. i just got fired and i think HR thing could do it for me :(
121 2 . Reply
sunantha sri . 2019-03-13
whats is the average salary for recrutier in EU and US
121 2 . Reply
Travis Huffman . 2019-02-27
I am an internal recruiter as well but I do not have a university degree. I will say most recruiters do have a degree although it is not impossible to get into recruiting without a degree.
121 2 . Reply
kensta2468 . 2019-02-09
What was your specific edge when you got your job. Did you bring clients in or something?
121 2 . Reply
Vennala Srinivasan . 2019-01-20
Hey sandy,hi i am vennela,recruiter working in Adecco .i just loved d video❤️❤️❤️
121 2 . Reply
Elima . 2019-01-18
i just started as a recruiter , and you are being very helpful, thanks!
121 2 . Reply
xxx xxx . 2019-01-06
The main prerequisites to being a recruiter are , you have to be dishonest and be good at lying , and pretend to be an expert at everything
121 2 . Reply
Becca Hallas . 2018-12-29
Hey, I’m wanting a job in recruitment however my work background is mainly customer service based so I don’t have any real sales or recruitment experience or a degree! I’ve been to a few interviews and they ask me to come back in 6 months with experience in recruitment, any advice? Thanks x
121 2 . Reply
o k . 2018-12-21
I wouldn't refuse a blowjob from you
121 2 . Reply
bon voyage . 2018-12-12
most agencies are scum and have no interest at all in human beings. They regard the unemployed as a resource to be exploited, forgetting that without the unemployed, they would be unemployed
121 2 . Reply
Aishwarya Nagul . 2018-12-12
Please upload a video with the questions and suitable answers you were asked at the starting of recruitment job... Please upload will help us a lot
121 2 . Reply
Jonathan Thompson . 2018-12-12

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121 2 . Reply
saudamini samal . 2018-12-06
Hey! I am from India, and I am a associate recruiter. I work in an US IT Recruiting Firm/Agency... I love my job too. Cause it's not at all like selling services, rather I always feel like helping the job seekers. And yaa I feel great if I get any opportunity to communicate with any high profile candidates.... I really liked your vedio. I am wondering if I can get some help to understand the corporate sector of UK, cause I'm planning soon to move there.
121 2 . Reply
Jessica Cleary . 2018-12-04
So true Sandy! It's not as easy as people think. I have done both agency and in-house recruiting. Both have pros and cons. Great job on this video :).
121 2 . Reply
Chad Ree . 2018-12-02
remarkable your ability to talk and say nothing
121 2 . Reply
Mubashshir Shaikh . 2018-12-01
I have recently joined a recruitment agency. I am working on Tech jobs in the US with multiple clients mostly working on Google jobs. I decided to be a recruiter because I was a research analyst in the past. I used to hunt people on Linkedin and connect them for surveys. While I was doing research on their carriers and profiles I always dream to become successful like them. Then I realized that I cannot be master of every field instead of that I can place some awesome people in topmost companies. And now recruitment has become my dream job I really loved to watch people whom I place getting success in their carriers.
121 2 . Reply
palak das . 2018-12-01
Hi sandy, i am currently working as an IT Recruiter. It is a consultancy in India. I recruit people from US. I have more than 6 months experience. I want to know about such agency i can work after coming to Canada. Help please
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer Rivera . 2018-11-29
Hello How TO Know That Agency recruitment Is Not Fake
121 2 . Reply
Nitin A S . 2018-11-21
121 2 . Reply
In . 2018-11-17
I don't have degree in Psychology or Sociology or any Business studies but I got hired as an HR specialist. And I DON'T have any professional experience as an HR. And I am the ONLY HR in that company. I am so confused about what I should do now. I think the company is joking with me or is a joke itself. Help me!
121 2 . Reply
Making Grape Juice . 2018-11-14
Helpful insight. Thanks Sandy.
121 2 . Reply
Sha Mohsin . 2018-11-09
Hi this is shaik mohsin from hyderabad i was applied in addison group as a ground staff job and I was paid money for my job recruiter name is miss ritika and indigo manager name rahul singhaniya joining manager name is reshav ahuya and yogesh kumar all are done frod with me and indigo manager asking to me corruption all my process was completed suddenly joining manager asking to me corruption then I talk to recruiter miss ritika to refund my money back she told me wait for 90 days after then all are phone switch off plz any one help me out from addison group plz refund my money back my number is 6281143845
121 2 . Reply
Danny Garcia . 2018-11-04
Hi everyone. I would like to know what's the hardest part of being a recruiter or hiring people.
Thank a lot :)
121 2 . Reply
Jim Brown . 2018-10-26
Tips for working people : DO NOT USE RECRUITMENT AGENCIES
121 2 . Reply
Achin Sharma . 2018-10-24
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121 2 . Reply
Adville747 . 2018-10-15
I like this girl.
121 2 . Reply
mithereal . 2018-10-10
i sent in a email to a job i was interested in only to have them deny me because a recruiter scraped my resume off of indeed and submitted it first. my response to said company is below.
best of luck to you, i am an american first and will not work with a vessel of foreign commerce, i was contacted from the Philippians, this is an attempt at coercion, and is a non enforceable contract via 25 cfr 11.406, and it is my actions that are being restricted. i found the name of your company on multiple job boards.
i never authorized them they contacted me, the reason i called you is because of the mass amount of foreign recruiters that contact me and times are getting disparate for me. I was hoping for a local employer to support another american and not go through the recruiter shuffle, it would keep more money in your pocket, more money in our country which is being bled dry, and you would help to make america great by employing us Americans which work hard to present ourselves, sadly it appears that only corporations and money matter not us Americans, the skills we have spent our lives attaining, or the posterity of our nation. a headhunter cannot ever understand what i bring to the table, they are simply passing resumes running keyword searches with 0 understanding of scope or talent.
121 2 . Reply