Adults: Do You Know What Vaccines You Need?

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With busy jobs and four active kids, Mary Beth and Barckley Toole don’t have time to get sick. A call from the doctor’s office reminded Mary Beth that they need vaccines to help stay healthy – just like their kids do. Follow along as she and Barckley find out what vaccines are recommended for adults.
For more information: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/adults/index.html

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Cris Provokes . 2019-05-22
The Anti Vaxxers that disliked this video now have died of measles 👌
121 2 . Reply
Diane marie . 2018-04-14
i had a tennus shot my docyor gave me after i was bitin by a dog. wow after that shot i had horrible deep nerve problems in my neck and arm omg never again!!! god gave me an immune system for a reason i trust that immune system not what some doctor says!
121 2 . Reply
Diane marie . 2018-04-14
this should be remoived form youtube!!
121 2 . Reply
DArussianPING . 2018-02-21
I dont need any thx!
121 2 . Reply
jeffrey bomes . 2017-05-12
Educate yourselves. The CDC is being sued, there are whistle blowers. Watch "The Truth about vaccines" I can't leave my house with out seeing vaccine injured kids. Thanks for pushing them though. Being uneducated is no excuse for the big pharma retoric
121 2 . Reply
schexO2 . 2017-04-29
as long as pharmaceuticals are immune from liability I don't "need" anything from them. the strange thing is they seem to need something from me
121 2 . Reply
Dan Jackson . 2015-11-22
"Do you know what vaccines you need?".
None! Vaccines belong in the same group of self-destructive behaviors as smoking, taking drugs, and eating blowfish. Sane people who want to be healthy for their entire lives should avoid all of those dangers.
121 2 . Reply
castello . 2015-11-19
Where is the transparency. I'm not buying anything corrupted by pharma who apparently owns you. Pushing bad drugs on old folks now? Disgusting.
121 2 . Reply