"Eilean Donan" by Jan Depreter, played on an 1964 Ignacio Fleta

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Guitar: 1964 Ignacio Fleta (http://tinyurl.com/gr54va6)

Here's Jan Depreter playing one of his own pieces entitles "Eilean Donan" * on a gorgeous 1964 Igancio Fleta classical guitar with spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides. Recorded at the Guitar Salon International showroom in Santa Monica, CA.

Huge thanks to the folks at Apogee Electronics (ApogeeDigital.com) for the use of their Ensemble interface in these recordings.


All proceeds from monetization of this video goes to the GSI Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money to support music education in public schools. Visit our site for more information: https://www.gsifoundation.org/

*note = spelling is incorrect in video titles, the piece is named "Eilean Donan" not "Eliean Dolan". #gsi #friendsofgsi #classicalguitar

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    Popular Comments:

Михаил Калинин . 2019-07-23
BRAVO maestro ! Beautiful music! Subscribe on my page! 😉
121 2 . Reply
Seniman Alit . 2019-06-03
Luar biasa
Bisakah saya mendapat set music partitur untuk lagu ini?
121 2 . Reply
Michael Clayton . 2019-03-31
If published, this arrangement would sell like hot soda scones (or any Irish delicacy).
121 2 . Reply
John V Savage . 2019-03-27
Jan did the very same piece at SICCAs on a 2015 Domenic Roscioli copy of Fleta of similar vintage a couple of years ago. Please compare the Youtube recordings. The obvious wolf notes and Fleta tone are remarkably similar - almost identical. If you really like this sound, Domenic is based in Adelaide, Australia and you can pick up his handmade guitars at comparative bargain prices. He is a very nice guy. I love this piece and picked up a downloadable copy of Jan's version online for $2 or so. It's intermediate level if you want to try it.
121 2 . Reply
Terrence Duggan . 2019-03-26
Lovely : )
121 2 . Reply
Bruno Lizama . 2019-03-26
Genial, soy un aprendiz de guitarra clásica y me gustaria aprender esta pieza para que tambien se valla esparciendo por el mundo, no habra algun pdf o algo
121 2 . Reply
Roberto Martinez . 2019-03-26
Gracias GSI por este gran regalo.
Un gran guitarrista.
Una hermosa obra.
Y una guitarra inmensamente linda. Única.
121 2 . Reply
MrJamescord . 2019-03-26
Is the microphone bottoming out?
121 2 . Reply
Nashville Guitarist . 2019-03-25
I knew he was a great guitarist but this original piece is incredible! Kudos Jan!
121 2 . Reply
Ian Whyte . 2019-03-25
Very sweet sounding guitar and terrific playing! Thank you.
121 2 . Reply
Arash Ahmadi . 2019-03-25
This Celtic sounding song seems to go well with the old Fleta! Also, it reminded me of the "fields of gold" by Sting (not sure if he wrote it or if it's an old folk song).
121 2 . Reply
Ivan Guban . 2019-03-25
What a beautiful sound! Harmonics are so clear like a bell. Well played!
121 2 . Reply
Scott Sheehan . 2019-03-25
Beautiful music played perfectly. I enjoyed this so much! Thanks for sharing.
121 2 . Reply
Darth Occlus . 2019-03-25
121 2 . Reply
Max Sunman . 2019-03-25
So amazing music guitar classic played and very beautiful sweet melody tune.
Love these wonderful relaxing with such nice gorgeous music.
The whole thing sounds marvelous.
121 2 . Reply
Danny Sargeant . 2019-03-25
Is a pdf available of this piece of music? Or a hard copy. Found it at Crescendo Music.
121 2 . Reply