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We here a 4 Home Speakers are dedicated and focused on helping people hear their TV Better. There are 10’s of Millions of Americans who can’t hear their TV well enough to understand it. Aging and hearing loss are the main issues that face the people we talk to every day. We also can appreciate the fact that a lot of seniors are on fixed incomes and may not be able to afford expensive hearing devices. Blasting the Volume helps some, but it annoys everyone else.
Many people do not want anything in or over their ears. They just want a speaker to sit by their favorite TV Watching Chair so they can Hear Their TV Better. They also don’t want wires running across the floor from the TV to the Speaker. What a Hazard and Hassle that would be. Technology for wireless speakers is changing to Bluetooth but this does not work with most TV’s. Less than one percent of Seniors own a Bluetooth capable TV, and the technology associated with most of these Super Hi-Tech New TV’s is complicated and Expensive.
We are taking the New Bluetooth technology that is now in most wireless speakers and adapting it so it will work with any TV. The very special Bluetooth TV Adapter Kit We include with Every Speaker System is what makes everything work correctly.

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