51 Yarns — 10: Semi Worsted

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PLY Magazine is running a Spinalong to coincide with the launch of their book, 51 Yarns to Spin Before You Cast Off. You can post your entries on their Facebook, Instagram and Ravelry groups with the hashtags #51yarns, #handspunyarn and #plymagazine. There's a different theme each week and you can find a list of the topics and other information here: https://plymagazine.com/ply-books/51-yarns-spinalong/ The best part is that one winner each week gets a one-year subscription to PLY! I've decided to play along in video form as well by creating a video each week to correspond with that week's spinalong theme.

This week it's "Semi-Worsted" and I'm sampling a few drafting techniques to give combed top some more woollen properties for a sweater project.

Next week's spinalong topic (starting Monday 11th June) is "Long Wool". Hope to see you again then!

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spinning handspun hand spinning tutorial how to semi worsted from the fold short backward backward draw from the tip 51 Yarns spin #51yarns ply magazine spinning wheel worsted top fiber fibre

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    Popular Comments:

Sarah Horstman . 2020-01-12
I actually got pretty good at spinning from the fold off the tip of my finger with a long draw because I got some combed cotton sliver that I just couldn’t get to spin with a short forward or backward draw. It made a really pretty bouclé.
121 2 . Reply
nicogreen7 . 2019-09-16
Trying to find the episode on semi woolen...
121 2 . Reply
gfixler . 2018-11-20
I'm loving the camerawork in this series, and the editing from you explaining something, to the well-framed, clear closeups of you doing it. So informative!
121 2 . Reply
Misty Chandler . 2018-06-11
Thank you  so much for helping me to know that  I ve been do simi worsted  I do short draw  all the way  tried other ways to spin but  feel more  comfortable with   with the short draw    so thanks you again
121 2 . Reply