Meaning of Beep and Chirp Sounds of a Carbon Monoxide Detector (First Alert)

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Understanding CO detector alarm sounds - Beep and Chirp. Includes a quick review of what does the alarm sound mean? Beeping vs chirping sound.

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carbon monoxide detector CO alarm CO alarm sounds

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    Popular Comments:

Jurassic raptor . 2020-02-03
Will this go on forever? If c02 is in the air
121 2 . Reply
Leen A . 2020-01-28
How do I take out the battery
121 2 . Reply
silver . 2020-01-03
Mine beeped once every minute I think and then silenced could it mean low battery?!
121 2 . Reply
bella flores . 2019-12-28
what if it beeped but like not really loud 4 times and it stopped
121 2 . Reply
LuluThePanda . 2019-12-14
Mine is old and keeps chirping SO LOUDLY. And the thing is, I haven’t changed the battery in months so the chirping is FASTER and LOUDER.
121 2 . Reply
Deacon Curt . 2019-11-29
What if you take the battery out and it still chirp ? Chirps about every 43 seconds
121 2 . Reply
Kevin . 2019-11-10
How come my alarm beeped slow then gradually turned really fast
121 2 . Reply
MonkeySun . 2019-10-20
Mine beeps once every 20 minutes or so. I put fresh E91 Energizer AA batteries as required for my model, but it annoys the crap out of my wife for fear of waking our special needs child. Mine was issued 2013 Apr 15. CO400 Model. Should I replace it and purchase a new one? (Also of note: We just had a new furnace put in a little over a week ago )
121 2 . Reply
RayRihanna22 . 2019-10-09
Using a stopwatch I was able to time the chirps and for anyone wondering one chirp a minute means you need to just simply change your battery. Which is easily changeable 😉.
121 2 . Reply
dull icecream . 2019-09-27
I've been hearing a constant beeping sound outside (like the 4 beep in the video except with a slight space in between and its constant) since 4pm and I thought it was from this lol
121 2 . Reply
Fitness Lover . 2019-09-20
So if it beeps every minute or so it’s probably just end of life? I heard like 4 or 5 beeps but it went off about every 1 min or so. If I have carbon dioxide it would be every few secs right?
121 2 . Reply
Abigail May . 2019-09-17
Mine woke me up - thing was so noisy that I put it in a cooler, in a cooler in the garage...I can still hear it!
121 2 . Reply
dale Reeds . 2019-08-19
Mine is currently a single beep every few minutes, is that something to be concerned about?
121 2 . Reply
Zeloused . 2019-08-06
tanks for da video dood
121 2 . Reply
Stealing peoples ideas . 2019-08-06
So um I’m pretty sure mine beeped 5 times every like 15 seconds, might be end of life idk
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Hawkins . 2019-05-10
GLAD TO HEAR OTHERS ANXIETY GO OFF THE CHARTS TO !! I ran to the store for a battery to see if it was low or I was about to die :( ... Thx for the video,it was the battery. 1 chirp per minute.
121 2 . Reply
rich5817 . 2019-04-21
The beeping makes me naseus and gives me headaches
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Gibson . 2019-02-14
I'm trying to find the sound that goes off when the power goes out. Does anybody know the model of the detector I'm talking about?
121 2 . Reply
Ricardo Sanchez . 2019-01-08
Why does mine beep every 45 seconds.
121 2 . Reply
quique morales . 2018-11-22
They couldn't just have a different sound for carbon monoxide. They make these too fucking complicated. Like who the fuck remembers all these counts !
121 2 . Reply
davante barbain . 2018-11-06
Thought my black ass was gonna die lol
121 2 . Reply
Carolina Ocampo . 2018-10-20
Smoke detector works fine>>>ur2.pl/984 it can detect smoke and vapor easily even from my vape Easy installation The plastic looks good Packaging need some blood ritual (the plastic is sharp and can use to cut shushi) Easy set up on Smart thing hub. Much noisier than my wife once smoke detected (Humor only) Easy battery detection on smart thing apps
121 2 . Reply
Gianna Fuentes . 2018-08-03
What does end of life mean. Your life or the monitors life?!
121 2 . Reply
HeyItzBecca . 2018-08-02
When the video said “end of life” did it mean that we could die? I’m very confused lol 😂
121 2 . Reply
Crescent Universe . 2018-07-31
121 2 . Reply
a bean with intentions . 2018-06-28
Oh thank God!!! I heard a beep, and I thought it was my carbon monoxide detector... After I heard it, I couldn’t breathe. My anxiety causes me to feel things that aren’t there. But I found this video and I guess the sound was just my TV...
121 2 . Reply
Layered Chip3 . 2018-06-24
Thank you. It was just the battery then. I was starting to panic.
121 2 . Reply
Gallardohairstudio . 2018-05-17
Thank you for making this video.
121 2 . Reply
Vanessa DeBoe . 2018-02-13
Mine is doing the 5 beeps per minute, what do I do?
121 2 . Reply
Nazrat84 . 2018-01-05
I don't know if I have a leak or not. I heard 4 beeps but somebody thought it had low battery and changed them out, and now the beeping is gone. The device works because we've tested it but the beeping still isn't there
121 2 . Reply
Cham JDM . 2017-12-11
The little shit wont turn off!!!!! Since last night it was going off FOR NO REASON because hey! IM STILL ALIVE WRITING THUS DAMN COMMENT!
121 2 . Reply
Leon’s YT Channel . 2017-11-23
I had a first alert smoke and carbon monoxide detector and when it started chirping we took down it. Now it keeps chirping. Strange huh? It has already reached end of life so it chirped 5 times a minute
121 2 . Reply
Elijah Zola . 2017-10-14
At first I thought the music was the alram
121 2 . Reply
ericblackwell70 . 2017-10-01
Your the only person I found smart enough to explain what these sounds mean to with the device these other retards just keep trying to explain verbally but the problem I have is I’m at my Grandma’s and her smoke or carbon monoxide detector I’m not sure which it is, every couple of hours has a long medium beep and nothing is explaining this sound
121 2 . Reply
Em 88 . 2017-06-23
the red light on the unit is always supposed to be on?
121 2 . Reply
Chlorophyll . 2017-05-10
Okay. I thought the music at the beginning was the Carbon monoxide alarm example I was like "are u sure"
121 2 . Reply
Sovereign Seeker . 2017-05-06
How is it a low battery when it's plugged into an outlet? How do I stop the chirping noise?
121 2 . Reply
Spike2 Savage . 2017-04-09
if there was actually carbon monoxide what sound will it make one long beep or...?
121 2 . Reply
Brad Szalach . 2017-04-08
yo i walked into my apartment thinking i was about to die cause my alarm was beeping 5 times every minute... i was tripping, but it's all good now
121 2 . Reply
Destany . 2017-03-08
Mine talked to me. It said "Battery Low." I didn't know what it was at first. I turned around real fast I thought it was that google voice on the phone at first
. Creeped me out I didn't know the carbon monoxide detector talked. it was already installed when I moved in. Changed the batteries and it's working fine.
121 2 . Reply
SuddenKC . 2017-02-06
What do you mean end of life
121 2 . Reply
MoistGroceries . 2017-01-04
are the first sounds just testing to see if it works?
121 2 . Reply
PrincessSylla . 2016-12-23
O i thought there was carbon monoxide In my house it just had low battery
121 2 . Reply
Suha Disk . 2016-11-12
end of the life wat?
121 2 . Reply
I see Jewelz . 2016-10-26
how about continues beeping ?
what does it sound like when there is carbon monoxide in the air?
121 2 . Reply
Michael G . 2016-09-29
I have a really old one in my apartment that did the chirp thing just this morning. It was a major pain in my ass because I don't want the maintenance crew coming in here yet again. So I just bought a new one. Ugh.... almost two hours of going to the store, buying a new battery, changing the battery, still hearing the chirping, researching the chirping online, driving to the hardware store, buying a new unit, installing the unit.
121 2 . Reply
Natalie Williams . 2016-07-07
Thats not loud enough
121 2 . Reply