Dr. Pamela Rockwell’s Flu and Tdap Vaccine Recommendation to Pregnant Patients

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“How do you make a flu and Tdap vaccine recommendation to pregnant patients and why do you say it that way?” During this segment of the “How I Recommend vaccine” video series, Dr. Pamela Rockwell, DO, stresses the importance of the healthcare provider’s role as a knowledgeable authority figure who makes a strong recommendation of flu and Tdap vaccines to pregnant patients. For more information on making a strong flu vaccine recommendation, please https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pregnancy/

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Diane Bingham . 2019-05-10
Even though these two have never been tested on pregnant women for safety and are connected with increased rates of miscarriage and autism. They contain toxic Mercury and Aluminum. Common sense doctors even a decade ago would never recommend vaccines or other drugs during pregnancy. Thalidomide, too, was considered safe.
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