Non Fault Accident - Can I Claim Compensation? ( 2019 ) UK

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Non Fault Accident - Can I Claim Compensation? ( 2019 ) UK

Hi, I’m Jack from LegalExpert.co.uk, we’re personal injury claims specialists – we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we offer a no win no fee service. Today I’m gonna be looking at whether or not you can claim compensation for a non-fault accident claim. Not only that but I’ll also be going over how you can strengthen your claim. If you like this video, please do hit that thumbs-up button as this will help us see what type of content people find helpful.

You may be surprised to learn that a number of road traffic accident compensation claims for accidents that have occurred in the UK fall into the non-fault category. A non fault car accident claim is often brought when the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident is not to blame for the accident occurring. Understanding the no fault insurance claim process can sometimes be tricky, so if you’re considering bringing a claim for a non fault accident injury, we are happy to offer you a completely free, no obligation consultation where well talk through the accident with in in order to offer you non fault accident advice. You can contact us on 0800 652 7676 or visit our around the clock live chat service at LegalExpert.co.uk – we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can speak to us whenever you’d like. Once we’ve talked through the non fault road traffic accident with you, if we believe that we’re able to assist you in bringing a successful non fault accident compensation, we may offer to represent you on a no win no fee basis, this means that there won’t be any upfront fees to worry about and if your claim was to lose, then there’s not a penny to pay.

No, as I promised in the introduction to this video, I’m gonna go over a couple of the things that you can do in order to help strengthen your claim.

If you or anyone else involved in the accident have suffered significant injuries, you should contact the police and make them aware of the accident. If your vehicle was damaged beyond repair which resulted in it being a non fault accident write off, the records on file with your insurance company will show this. Take photographs at the scene of the accident, including all other vehicles involved in the accident, is possible take photographs of each vehicles registration plate. Do your best to get the insurance details of any other drivers involved in the accident, if this isn’t possible don’t worry, as long as you have their vehicles registration number, we should be able to get hold of their information through the motor insurers database. If anybody witnessed the accident, ask them for their contact details as a statement in support of your Non Fault Accident Claim may need to be taken. You should have you injuries assessed by a medical professional and make a note of when and where this assessment took place as this information will make getting hold of records from this assessment much easier. If you’ve incurred any costs because of your accident, these may be claimed back as part of your compensation sum, so keep track of all these – if you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 652 7676 as we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Occasionally, we see cases where drivers have been involved in non fault accidents whilst using a courtesy car. Following a non fault accident courtesy car providers might want to pursue compensation for any damage to the vehicle as well as any loss of income from the time that the vehicle has been off the road due to the accident. The good news is you may still be able to claim for both personal injury and financial loss.

Once again, if you’ve found this video helpful, we’d really appreciate it if you could hit that like button as this will help us see what type of content people find useful, thanks.

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