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To me there is nothing worse than having to pull on a pair of pants in 100 degree weather just to avoid thigh chafing!

“Chafing” or also known as “chub rub” refers to skin irritation that happens when skin rubs on skin, causing a lot of pain that feels more like a 3rd degree burns.

And when the weather is hot, this happens all the time.

Our bodies can chafe in all different spots. For example, the most commons spots I got it were under the arms or along my inner thighs.

Chafing is not exclusively a problem for people with extra weight. Anyone with thighs that touch, or skin-to-skin contact, may experience this issue from time to time.

Some people might prefer physical barriers like undershorts, while others swear by deodorant or special anti-chafing creams. So it’s important to find what works for you!

But today I wanted to share my top three thigh-chafing solutions, so you can wear dresses, shorts or… heck even go pant-less without any issues!

Number One: Bodyglide. Originally designed to protect runners from a thing called “runners nipple”, they offer great products for plus size women!

Bodyglide is amazing - not greasy, filmy or disgusting-feeling.

It comes in a handy stick form so you don’t need to smear it all over your hands. And it works for ages, especially when extra hot and sweaty.

NUMBER TWO: Olive Oil. One of my friends shared this secret weapon with me against chafing.

She recommends keeping a bottle of it in the shower so you can apply at the end of your shower. Then use water to rinse off any excess so you won’t get any on your clothes.

NUMBER THREE: Bandelettes. This is my all time favorite solution!

They are cute little lace bands you pull on your legs, held in place with silicone stay-up bands, similar to what are on thigh highs, and they’re available to fit up to 32” thighs.

They act as a physical barrier, as opposed to a lotion or cream.

And as an anti-chafing option, Bandelettes are easily the sexiest, most lingerie-y choice out there. The lace feels sturdy without being heavy or stiff, and oddly enough, they’re very comfortable.

The weird thing is that they feel like they’re going to move, but they don’t.

Keep in mind when it comes to finding the right remedy for relief when it comes to thigh chafing will vary from person to person. So it’s important to find what works for you!

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What's up for the creepy voice for the numbers?
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Brendan Ohara . 2019-01-11
Diets do work though? Lol I'm confused you do a keto diet and cut out carbs I bet you'll lose 5lbs in a week 🤷
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TheHumbleKitty . 2018-11-13
I am DYING :D :D :D her high pitched voice sounds so much like the stereotypical american white girl and I hate it.. if it's just her voice and she can't do anything about it that's one thing but I feel like a lot of women are dumbing themselves down in the "mainstream industry".. best example would be Paris Hilton who even talked about getting voice lessons to change her voice into that popular "dumb blonde high pitch". but all that aside WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE NUMBER ANNOUNCING VOICE SO FUCKING DEEP THEN? :D :D :D I can't take this video seriously because her high pitch, sentences like "laugh yourself skinny" and then the super low pitched #1, #2 and #3 are making me feel like this is a parody
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krissapl . 2018-06-19
Bandelletes (https://mbsy.co/hr7jv) are a great solution to this, plus they look awesome
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U Dub . 2018-05-13
Chub rub is what happens when I rub my fat shlong over her face until she shuts the fuck up
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Ashley Elizabeth . 2018-04-27
Her voice bugs me
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Off-Grid Millionaire . 2017-10-14
You can get thigh bands from www.jamielhamilton.com/products for only $9.50 !
It's kind of like those old fashioned sexy garters, but it has silicone lining to help it stay up on your thigh. It's light and hidden under clothing plus you can hold your wallet and/or phone in them if you're out on the town. :3
121 2 . Reply
Grapes For All . 2017-09-01
help me dr.Jessica my thighs are burning!!! I am a man and people would question why I am wearing weird lingerie
121 2 . Reply
Timothy Swanson . 2017-08-16
I'm a dude and this video helped me...except for the underwear thing, mens underwear doesnt hug thighs and i don't think I could pull off the thigh bands lol.
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GILLGAMISH . 2017-08-03
This girl looks & sounds like all white mean girls in all movies and I just can't stand it 😂 She might be a nice good person but I just can't help hating her! 😅
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Sarah Rutter . 2017-07-10
1:20 for #1
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Desiree Bojorquez . 2017-01-20
i hate yiu
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Jasmine Ewert . 2016-10-06
cant u also use baby powder
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Cyrus Ring-Petersen . 2016-08-31
Well this vid does not help how I have a 3 hour soccer practice were my thighs are gona burn from chafing
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Tallbrownandcurvy . 2016-08-11
I never considered the olive oil one. I prefer spanx and/or deodorant.
121 2 . Reply
Lark Crimson . 2016-06-07
Cocoa Butter is great and lasts all day at the beach.
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Life'sfun Withglitter . 2016-05-17
I used cool aloe for the bad burning 😬😬
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Victoria Diaz . 2016-04-28
olive oil worked thanks 😪
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Raven . 2016-03-08
the body glide stick thing is rubbish
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