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In this video I go through the questions from the practice finance interview and give you guidance, and hints and tips on how best to answer them.

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Amer Mohd. Al-Banna . 2018-07-11
Your expectations about interview questions were magic, thanks alot for your support. Your video assisted me too much. Thanks alot.
121 2 . Reply
Carolina Galvan . 2020-02-05
You should add a document of the suggestions to improve the video
121 2 . Reply
vince Chavez . 2020-01-31
Very practicable
121 2 . Reply
Rog Alvarado . 2019-12-18
Thank u for this. I have an interview tomorrow for Financial Coordinator position so this video definitely came in handy.
121 2 . Reply
Mohammed Mussa . 2019-07-25
wow!! this is incredible
121 2 . Reply
Chris Smith . 2019-04-09
Nicely done. Much appreciated.
121 2 . Reply
Fatima Ali . 2019-03-11
Which book does he recommends?
121 2 . Reply
ukG Mr sWaG . 2019-01-28
Great video. To improve you could place the questions at the bottom of the video.
121 2 . Reply
DerUwe . 2019-01-22
121 2 . Reply
Edward Rodriguez . 2018-12-04
Thank you for this video, I think it covers a lot of good ground. The only area of disagreement is the idea of asking questions. I think asking an interviewer questions, especially questions that show thought regarding the role are positive and display a certain level of engagement that may put one candidate above others. Again thank you!
121 2 . Reply