Home Theater Design Trends

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Home Theater Design Trends
A media room or a home theater is a great addition to any home and can become a place where the family gathers to enjoy various types of media.
When it comes to home theater design trends the most important things to consider are: the shape of the room, windows, wall design, seating, lighting and the audio system. The type of screen you choose is also an essential component, though this will depend more on your budget and the type of effect that you are seeking.
The best home theaters incorporate designs that are welcoming and inviting while adding to the experience.
6 Home Theater Design Elements

Room shape
Square rooms tend to produce odd harmonic distortions. If you have the choice, opt for a rectangular room, and plan to place your display screen and main speakers along a short wall for best sound projection.

The fewer, the better. Windows are hard surfaces that reflect sound-causing audio distortion, and they admit light that can produce reflections on your viewing surface. If your home theater room has windows opt for blackout window treatments that track tight against window jambs to seal out light.

Regular drywall is appropriate for home theater walls. However, break up large flat surfaces with furniture or drapes. Don't add framed art with glass — it's too reflective of sound and light.

Tiered Seating:
By placing seating on platforms or risers, you can ensure that every viewer gets a clear view of the screen and not of the back of someone's head. This is why modern theater designs employ stadium seating layouts.

Lighting is the greatest ingredient besides architecture to transform a room. A variety of lighting styles and zones allow you to "sculpt" the room with light and helps to create the proper mood. Spotlights can highlight posters or artwork. Down lights can illuminate seating areas. Floor or path lighting can direct people where to walk. And sconce lighting can create a subtle wash of light on the walls. By adding dimmers and then incorporating the home theater lighting into the theater's control system, you can automatically dim and raise lighting with the press of a button.

The Sound System:
Whenever possible, use a complete sound system from a single manufacturer. The sound quality of speakers can vary a lot, even between speakers from different lines from the same manufacturer. Always try to get speakers that were designed to be used together.
By sticking to the simple tips we discussed you can create the best media room that is ideal for the perfect viewing experience.
For additional information about home theater or media room design contact, http://allmediallc.com/products-and-services/ If you live in the New Jersey area All Media will be happy to work with you to build the home theater of your dreams!

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