How to become a Top SAS Programmer by Roger DeAngelis, SAS GURU

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How to become a Top #SAS #Programmer by Roger DeAngelis, SAS GURU
In this interview, Roger DeAngelis talks about how to become a top SAS programmer. After receiving a bachelors degree in Math from the University of Vermont and a Masters Degree in Statistics from Penn State University, he is more than qualified to provide a guideline for future SAS programmers. After tracing his love of math, science, and programming back to the 1950s and his rather unusual childhood interests, he talks about his career at SAS, gives some excellent tips, and shares some of his favorite procs. Learn about dataset images of complex reports, augmenting a foundation of SAS, classic SAS on a power workstation, and DOSUBL. After reading this interview, you will be more knowledgeable about uncovering deeper understandings of why users prefer both specific software or specific algorithms.


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Sean Movie . 2019-06-11
Hello Roger

I do not have a degree in mathematics or statistics Do you think I can make a career as a SAS Programmer... I have been practicing SAS for a few months now and I really love doing programming in SAS
121 2 . Reply