How to become a Top SAS Programmer by Art Carpenter, SAS Guru

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Art Carpenter is a top SAS programmer and author of five books. In this interview, he talks about his beginning with a Masters in Statistics and his path to begin using SAS first in 1977. Throughout his time as an independent consultant, he wrote the books. He did a lot of SAS graph early on, leading to his first book "SAS graph". He eventually published two titles with SAS graph: 1 on profit report and the McNeil language. In addition to speaking at length about his various books, Art Carpenter also gives future SAS programmers some valuable tips, including: taking a minimum 20 minutes a day to learn something new, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and really looking at the documentation and with the effort of learning it not just to solve the immediate problem. Finally, while he doesn’t have a favorite SAS, procedure, he does love working in the macro language, and he shares a little bit about why that’s so important for early SAS programmers and the challenges involved with macro language.
"Really important i think. A lot of people or that the saying is that you know as you will hear people say: oh ive got 10 years of SAS experience. And I have to always ask: was that 10 years of SAS experience or is it 1 year of SAS experience ten times? And for a lot of people they get caught in a job where they’re doing the same thing over and over again; they’re not really learning and it's comfortable but it’s not really learning." Art Carpenter


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