Future Friday (Ammonia as a Green Fuel Explained In HINDI)

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SIP Energy Carriers -The Innovation for Ammonia Fuel in Japan-

Ammonia: The Next Big Thing in Energy Production - GenCell

World's first hydrogen-powered seagoing ferries

Ammonia Powered Car

In this Ep, we will talk about Ammonia
So what is ammonia
how does it work as a Fuel
Why it is Green
What is the Reality of it
why it is not safe for us
what we can expect in the future

Energy density MJ/kg MJ/L
Liquid ammonia 18.6 11.5
Diesel fuel 45.6 38.6
Gasoline (petrol) 46.4 34.2


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BigJ Zzz . 2020-02-12
Bro, watched a couple of videos of yours, and it's really good and Informative....
But you never tell your name and who you are....
How do you get so much knowledge in so many different fields ?????
121 2 . Reply
Yeshpal Banwala . 2020-02-07
Sir also make video on bio- cng
121 2 . Reply
Around :D . 2020-01-19
Make a video on quantum battery
121 2 . Reply
Chitranjan Baghi . 2020-01-19
can you make a video on flow batteries, specially the redox flow battery. They are also a good concept.
121 2 . Reply
Sunil Devani . 2020-01-18
bahot acha video banaya hai....ek naya rasta nikala aap ne lekin fuel ki badi badi company bandh na ho jaye isliye vo log is pe zyada research nahi hone dete
121 2 . Reply
infinity talk . 2020-01-18
Sir make a video on isro's reusable launch vehicle(RLV_TD).is it better then spacex falcon rocket and how's different from space shuttle?
121 2 . Reply
Ashish Mishra . 2020-01-18
Sir, thank you for attending my request and you made a comprehensive video on ammonia as fuel
121 2 . Reply
Saisrikanth Prince . 2020-01-17
Excellent work bro 👏
Can u even brief about trevor jackson battery 🔋 . is that real 🧐
121 2 . Reply
kishan bhati . 2020-01-17
Sir , please let engine per video banaao.
121 2 . Reply
Chitranjan Baghi . 2020-01-17
Why don't we just transport hydrogen in pipes made up on plastic, then we don't need to worry about pressuring it or cooling it, we just transfer it through pipes, do you see any limitations with this idea? Uk has a project which is installing pipes for hydrogen and they plan to provide it directly to households for heating and electricity needs. here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR5oZHRCouM
121 2 . Reply
Chitranjan Baghi . 2020-01-17
The chart that you have used to show density, seems to have diesel and polyethelene, can you make a video on green diesel or if polyethelene can be used for fuel. There is also blue diesel
121 2 . Reply
Vikash Kumar . 2020-01-17
Bahut acha explain krte h aap
Iske peeche aapko kafi mehnat lgta hoga....
121 2 . Reply
Shashank Kumar . 2020-01-17
Sir i have a question that which method is more efficient now:
1. The energy required to grow the algae based bio-fuel is the direct sunlight.
or 2. The energy required to grow the algae based bio-fuel is artificial light and heat generated from electricity due to PV.
Thank you
121 2 . Reply
Suraj Verma . 2020-01-17
Video pls. On ethanol or mithonol as a fule.
121 2 . Reply
jainus babbal . 2020-01-17
Hello.sir aap ka profession kya hai btw...and if you do have opportunity to work with two companies isro and spacex which one you would like to work with..
121 2 . Reply
space traveler . 2020-01-17
Bahut hi knowledgeable video hoti hai aapki👌 deserve to more subscribers👌
Sir itna jrur hai ki Hydrogen hi futuristic fuel hai..
Sir aapki fb pe id kya hai ya mail?
121 2 . Reply
Kush Yadav . 2020-01-17
Is there any thing which is PERFECT

And tell me why lot of Indians suffers from celebrity worship syndrome...eventhough everyone knows Bollywood is cancer 🙄
121 2 . Reply
AV Electronics . 2020-01-17
Good knowledge...
121 2 . Reply
Bibek Kumar . 2020-01-17
Make a video How to work GPS location
121 2 . Reply
Ak Ramo . 2020-01-17
But we convert ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen by cracking.
121 2 . Reply
सब kuch . 2020-01-17
Sir your name
121 2 . Reply
Ak Ramo . 2020-01-17
Ammonia lel 16%HEl 26% auto egnition temp 651℃ its very difficult to use sa a fuel I m working in ammonia production unit
121 2 . Reply
silint night . 2020-01-17
Frist like.
121 2 . Reply