Do your thighs rub together? | Tips for Preventing & Treating Chafing

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If your thighs rub together like mine, you are probably familiar with chafing. Check out these tips for preventing chafing and/or treating it once it has already occurred.


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    Popular Comments:

The Crazy Crew . 2019-05-28
baby dipper rash cream works
121 2 . Reply
Skrill Jr . 2019-04-30
Y’all wouldn’t understand how painful that is. Mother of god. I went to the gym to run, well my brief boxer were I guess like worn from time of washing. They didn’t even hug my thighs they were loose like regular boxers and well when I was jogging they started to rub together it was super uncomfortable hours later I can hardly walk. It’s painful.
121 2 . Reply
Paula andrade sepulveda . 2019-03-19
I`ve got constant lower back pain and tightness. In my try to acquire a solution for my concern, I have tried personally several suggestions however it doesn`t help, no one have been competent to aid. However, using this particular back ache guide book, "fonon fetching site" ( 7wow.cc/85rg ), was able to deal with my back tightness significantly. I personally achieved much ease and comfort because of it. You should try this particular guidebook also!.
121 2 . Reply
Artyom Arty . 2019-02-15
is it normal that I am a guy and I've always had this problem even when I used to be very fit?
121 2 . Reply
shannon williams . 2019-01-24
stand up
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer Java . 2018-08-27
Thank you so much for this! I never knew there was even a way to fix this problem, let alone ways that are so easy! Thanks again - you're a doll!
121 2 . Reply
u r b a n . 2018-08-24
121 2 . Reply
Lourde Liebermann . 2018-08-09
When I was a stick figure I never had this problem only my upper legs are a bit fat and it hurts when I walk.
121 2 . Reply
At rm Shit down! . 2018-07-19
this doesn't normally happen to me but wow it burns i think it was the underwear I was wearing
121 2 . Reply
Sincerely, Lilyanne . 2018-06-08
Thank you so much my jumpsuits keep ripping in that area of my thighs
121 2 . Reply
Little Potato . 2018-05-30
Aloe??? Yass I’m so happy I found out this works!!!
121 2 . Reply
Tara Free . 2018-02-25
My thighs are rubbing together and it’s leaving scars
121 2 . Reply
Jeremy Brockington . 2018-02-23
Thanks for the good tips I appreciate it 👍🏾
121 2 . Reply
Lyricia Rupsa Desarkar . 2018-02-17
I am underweight.only 42kg.yet I chafe quite bad.so losing weight won't help much
121 2 . Reply
Kartik Mishra . 2018-01-03
Hey, I am having excessive sweating under thighs whenever I do exercise or play.
Please share any video on this or let me know the solution
121 2 . Reply
PAVAN KUMAR . 2017-12-14
thank u for video
121 2 . Reply
Mon Jaja . 2017-11-26
Lotions, gel, oils etc are just temporary solutions. Not all the times u will gonna use those kind of stuffs. They have side effects if u abruptly and gradually stop those stuffs. The best way to prevent chaffing is to lose weight or wear 100% cotton underwears. I do prefer to wear boxer briefs not to lose not to tight.
121 2 . Reply
Cheri Birks . 2017-11-22
I’m only here bc I’m 10 and I experienced it today and it’s so painful I cried for ages
121 2 . Reply
Marguerite Barker . 2017-11-13
Are you have Lack of Explosiveness in the gym or sports? [Check Details Here==>bit.ly/-painfixc ]. If any of these sound familiar to you, don't worry because you're not alone. Tight hip flexors affect nearly everybody, but few realise the impact on your whole body.
121 2 . Reply
Laneia Gilmore . 2017-08-08
121 2 . Reply
Asad Ali . 2017-07-29
Really very painfull
121 2 . Reply
Crash Tise . 2017-07-25
I've found a way to prevent chaffing. Wear something like shorts, pyjama shorts, thin trousers cut to the size of shorts eat. Underneath your underwear. I always wear shorts or cut pyjama trousers under my boxers and they've stopped the chaffing for me.
121 2 . Reply
j c . 2017-07-22
I've had chub rub since day 1 I just lay on my back and put a Ziploc bag of ice in between my thighs
121 2 . Reply
Emma_ Eichholz . 2017-07-18
My legs rub together and form like little pimples right around were I would wear short shorts
121 2 . Reply
Emma_ Eichholz . 2017-07-18
I have very muscular legs and and very skinny not a lot of muscle up wards
121 2 . Reply
sl66py . 2017-06-29
i'm a boy and i get it is that normal
121 2 . Reply
Espada The Blade God . 2017-06-22
Two words baby powder.
121 2 . Reply
bella dennis . 2017-06-06
ugh im chafing at the moment this helped SOOO MUCH THANK YOU GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
ChocolateBlossom . 2017-05-30
Does anyone know how to prevent the swish swish noise when wearing stalkings?
121 2 . Reply
Sailor Laney . 2017-03-25
I used to use aloe very and it made my thighs burn like hell
121 2 . Reply
Teelo Vlogs . 2017-01-05
Why not just loose some weight? 😂 it's so easy
121 2 . Reply
TwentyOneBridesFallingForSirens . 2016-12-07
tysm for this vid, my legs started to chafe and so I put gold bond healing lotion and it burnt so bad that I almost cried. Ill be sure to go put my aloe  on rn <3
121 2 . Reply
Anthony Vigil . 2016-12-06
A great way to prevent chair is wearing tight underwear
121 2 . Reply
Drewbie UnderFire . 2016-11-19
gold bond, keeping balls dry since 1908
121 2 . Reply
Sergio Salto . 2016-11-08
rub chest rub on the area after you shower by the morning you'll be okay !
121 2 . Reply
Charlotte 2302 . 2016-10-08
I hate chub rub
121 2 . Reply
Joshua Roth . 2016-09-30
I have the same problem and I use an antifungal cream called clotrimazole cream that seems to work for me and if it gets really bad I will put triple antibiotic plus pain relief cream it will take it away in a couple of hours
121 2 . Reply
Amaya Soto . 2016-08-10
I literally have an aloe plant so I just break a piece and rub it
121 2 . Reply
Trishtish007 . 2016-07-30
Soft candle!! Works like a dream. Maybe a Caribbean thing (my mother would call it candle grease lol) but if you can get your hands on some soft candle just rub it on your thighs. Not only will it help prevent the chafing, it'll heal any chafing present AND eliminate that darkness that develops from the constant friction. Ask a West Indian sister you know!
121 2 . Reply
Kacia Thomas . 2016-07-27
I'm only 12 and I am chafing all the time!
121 2 . Reply
Lorenzo Filippelli . 2016-07-24
I chafed with the Nike compression shorts on😂
121 2 . Reply
Michelle Blackmon . 2016-07-12
I'm bleeding what now
121 2 . Reply
Michelle Blackmon . 2016-07-12
I walk 12 hours at work no breaks except bathroom ....I got it bad and I work in heat
121 2 . Reply
TlC Channel . 2016-06-30
My skin is so sensitive, I can't even walk half way down the street without my thighs chafing, I've tried everything, I started using baby powder and it kinda worked but not for long and when I put more on then it just dries out my skin and I get a rash
121 2 . Reply
DaveDestroyer studmuffin . 2016-05-14
Thank you so much. Just went to Academy and got that product. Working like a charm.😀
121 2 . Reply
angela robinson . 2016-05-12
can you find it in Wal-Mart I am afraid of use the baby powered
121 2 . Reply
BWags . 2016-05-07
who else uses baby powder
121 2 . Reply
Bethany Derby . 2016-04-27
Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
Jessi Boo . 2016-04-08
Is this what causes darkness between the thighs??
121 2 . Reply
Penguin22 . 2016-03-28
i use baby powder but its not working :(
121 2 . Reply