Batman v Superman - Nostalgia Critic Reaction

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this is my reaction to the Nostalgia Critic's Review of Batman v Superman by Channel Awesome. I hope you all enjoy the video.



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William Harmon . 2019-06-08
One thing that bugs me with this review is that they act like Lex's reason to hate Superman is never explained even though it kind of is.

His abusive father left him with the belief that power and benevolence cannot go hand in hand, "if God is all-powerful, He cannot be all good"
Seeing Superman, a god-like figure in terms of power who devotes himself to doing good, is an affront to his worldview that he cannot accept.
He hates Superman and wants to either destroy him and prove to himself that the man of steel is not that powerful or show him to not be truly good because he is so psychologically twisted that he needs to eliminate anything that goes against his own views on power.
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Eebowai . 2018-08-17
Why does he randomly repeat words that they say in the video?
121 2 . Reply
Christovez28 ! . 2018-07-10
Jessie Isanderg probably would've been better to play Edward Nygma AKA The Riddler.
121 2 . Reply
Corey Simpson . 2018-02-17
Even if I saw this movie I would of strongly disliked it, I like watching a movie that at least makes a little bit of sense, better acting, stuck to source material and didn't cram so much stuff that you can literally make another 3 or more movies that way it does not feel so condensed.  This is why I love the marvel movies so far they didn't cram so much shit into one or two movies they did it over a whole bunch of movies and did individual character arcs, who ever thought that cramming a lot of shit into one or two movies is a great idea, does not know how to do good business and should be fired and never work at this shit again , I would like to see good DC films but if they are done by Zack Snyder count me out, but I did love Wonder Woman though.  So yeah fuck off Zack and WB for making bad choices and ruining what could have been epic movies.  Do not settle for meh movies we all deserve better and it is about time that we all demand for it to be better do not settle for mediocrity.
121 2 . Reply
For The Culture . 2018-02-17
Video was litty!!!! If you’re a fan of the culture you will like our channel, check it out sometime!
121 2 . Reply
E.D nautilis . 2018-01-31
michael bay has the same problem. THEY ARE NOT HUNKS OF MOVING COLORED METAL DAMNIT!
121 2 . Reply
Emerald Moon . 2018-01-08
Please react to the Nostalgia Critic's review of the DCEU movie, Suicide Squad. Thanks.
121 2 . Reply
BBBHuey . 2017-11-19
2:16 You'd be the first one. I don't think anyone has reacted to Fury Road yet.

(At least none I can think of...)
121 2 . Reply
Andrew Forbes . 2017-11-16
You could watch the CinemaWins video about BvS. It does have interesting points to checkout and/or suggest with certain parts. He shows some nice little Snyder easter eggs and even offers an explanation about the Martha scene. Even if you dislike, you can at least give that video a try to understand some of the intent.
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DAMIEN MILLS . 2017-11-15
"I'll KILL her!...Believe me, I'll do it!"
"...SWEAR TO ME!..."
"Sorry, wrong movie."
121 2 . Reply
christian crusader . 2017-11-15
Funny thing, if you combine superman's and lex's dna you get conner kent. A good hearted but angry teenager who saved alot of people.
121 2 . Reply
kim daniel thorkildsen . 2017-11-15
I personally adore BvS. I will never understand The hatred. Especially with the release of the Ultimate Edition
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