How to take your pension at retirement - Pensions 101

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Wondering what your retirement options are? We break down all the different ways you can take your pension.

Use our pension calculator to work out what you need to save for a comfortable retirement: https://www.pensionbee.com/pension-calculator

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Video and editing: Zainabb Hull

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Mike Ormesher . 2019-10-28
Hi, if at 55 I decided to take £175,000 from my SIPP (25% tax free limit), would I still be able to contribute to that pension fund (SIPP) each month and then take a drawdown at say 67 from whatever was in there? In other words, is there a limit to what you can put into your SIPP after you have taken the 25% tax free cash out at an earlier stage? Dankuwel ;-)
121 2 . Reply
david leighton . 2019-08-30
If I take out my 25% tax free lump sum and commence taking draw down of £1000/month(equalling less than the current annual tax-free income) would I have to.pay tax on that drawdown the first year.
121 2 . Reply
DanieI Joseph . 2019-03-27
Is an Index fund like an ISA?
121 2 . Reply
Abdul Taha . 2018-09-09
I’m 68 can I start a private pension
121 2 . Reply