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Today I will be starting a new series on my channel showing you guys the do’s and don’ts of different nail topics! This week I’ll be showing you guys the do’s and don’ts of painting your nails so you can do your own manicure at home! Hopefully these nail tips help♡

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed nail tech. I am often asked about how I paint my nails, tips and tricks, and what not to do which is why I made this video. This is what I do and what works for me! If you have something you want to add to what I’ve said in this video please feel free to comment!

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Gabby Morris . 2018-11-12
Guys lol the glitch of glitter nails at like 5:14 & 5:18 is not an advertisement! I didn’t try to secretly promote or do a hidden ad or anything like that😂 The picture is actually an old picture from a Nails inc coffee nail polish review that I posted on this channel about a year ago. I edit in iMovie and somehow the picture made an overlay onto my video🤦🏽‍♀️😭
121 2 . Reply
Shanti Wassink . 2020-02-18
121 2 . Reply
Chris McKenzie . 2020-02-16
i dont know but, should i cap the sides?
121 2 . Reply
Lindsey R. . 2020-02-15
I wanna thank you for this video. It helped me to be more patient with myself in doing this, especially since painting my nails is one of my top self-care things right now and I'm working with a tremor. And hey, my nails turned out better this time than last! So yeah, A+ advice and I appreciate you sharing it.
121 2 . Reply
Laureth . 2020-02-14
I followed these steps but my nail polish is still really streaky and gloopy looking. I'm forced to apply a realllyy thick second coat but still looks terrible !!! This is a brand new OPI nail polish!!
121 2 . Reply
Ashley ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ . 2020-02-10
I let my nails grow for 3 months and i BROKE ONE OF THEM.
Im crying 😭
121 2 . Reply
sophie104ify . 2020-02-08
Whenever I do more than 2 costs my nails start having indentations on them like when I wake up in the morning there will be random marks on it. How do I avoid this?
121 2 . Reply
Adda Elliott . 2020-02-07
I know this is weird but my polish lasts longer when i dont use base coat, ive tried it with different ones and using it completly dry and tacky.. same result it just chips faster
121 2 . Reply
skorpia g . 2020-02-05
I do my nails at home. I didnt want to spend alot on nail polish I usually get 2-5 dollar ones. A hack I did is invest in a GREAT top coat. Yes its pricey at 9-10 bucks but that essie gel setter is my holy grail.im a nurse- It made my nail polish last much longer with multiple washings with this awfully strong liquid soap we use.
121 2 . Reply
Faded Shadow . 2020-02-05
My girlfriend usually does my nails I’m visiting my mom so I need to learn to do my own for a while I tried and they came out so thick 😂
121 2 . Reply
sunnysideup . 2020-02-04
Tip: you can add a few drops of acetone to a bottle of nail polish that’s gotten clumpy. I learned this from when I would go to the salon and I’d see the nail techs do it.
121 2 . Reply
Amnesiac 17 . 2020-02-04
i honestly just apply the nail polish bc i dont have a file and anything else :/
121 2 . Reply
shroomplants . 2020-02-02
Im a boy. I like painting my nails black. But I aint gay
121 2 . Reply
Bxsic Angel . 2020-01-29
I cant grow my nails that long because I have to keep'em short for oreshtra 😭
121 2 . Reply
lorna parafino . 2020-01-27
the cuticle still there👎
121 2 . Reply
TRUTH Or LIES . 2020-01-25
I have tried to polish my nails today..But it looks so messy😢😢
121 2 . Reply
Suzy Phalin . 2020-01-25
121 2 . Reply
Madeline Mandolfo . 2020-01-20
''Don't cap your nail on the second and top coat'' Caps her nail on the top coat do what you say please
121 2 . Reply
Bunny Michel . 2020-01-12
I really struggle with painting my nails and I’m an artist. Can I use a gel base and top coat with regular polish? That’s what I’ve been doing. I figured it might last longer and cut down on drying time but maybe I’m not supposed to mix different types of products. It came out lumpy.
121 2 . Reply
Melody Juan . 2020-01-11
I can do my left just fine, but it’s super difficult for me to do my right since I’m right handed
121 2 . Reply
Roma 07 . 2020-01-10
Trust me.. I can mess up the base coat 💀
121 2 . Reply
Galaxy_girl 09 . 2020-01-06
Just a quick question if I dry my nails under a nail dryer will that create air bubbles? 🤔
121 2 . Reply
Keerthana sunil . 2020-01-03
“FiLe In OnE dIrEcTiOn”

hard times for a directioner
121 2 . Reply
Yaretzy Vizcarra . 2020-01-03
I didn’t have those stuff I tried
121 2 . Reply
A C . 2020-01-01
Simply should do this
121 2 . Reply
Antonio Biorato . 2019-12-31
1 )wash hands
2 ) get oils of nails so use
Rubbing alcohol (any)
3) Make up sponge (Flat)
4) white nail with rubbing alcohol
5) after you do the 4th step do not touch your nail
6) finally apply your base coat
7) get the nail polish color as wished
8) do not Shake bottle so it lasts longer and so air bubbles do not form
9) before starting pinch both sides of the brush of the nail polish so both sides are flat
10) use a new Fresh nail polish so it's easier to paint your nails
11 ) start in the middle # or optional whichever you want
12)Apply a thin coat
121 2 . Reply
HJF . 2019-12-31
Can you make a nail tools video? Or do you already have one? Thank you! Love your videos (:
121 2 . Reply
CCStars . 2019-12-31
These nail videos are so helpful!
121 2 . Reply
Breezy Games . 2019-12-31
I mess it up by touching thinking it is dry :(
121 2 . Reply
ᄏMinJungKimᄏ . 2019-12-29
Thank you omfg
121 2 . Reply
Rochelle Kepford . 2019-12-29
My problem with nails is making it last without chipping in the same day🥺
121 2 . Reply
M R . 2019-12-29
I’m a 41 year old man watching this to help my wife. The “do nots” helped a ton! She was standing there literally shaking her hands as you were saying not to😂
121 2 . Reply
Jessica Hammett . 2019-12-27
The majority of this video- spending money on things you don't really need to paint your nails😑
121 2 . Reply
poppy davies . 2019-12-25
My nails r super wide tho!
121 2 . Reply
Blondie D . 2019-12-25
Wow! You have such beautiful nails! Thanks for video!
121 2 . Reply
Gwen Jones . 2019-12-23
I like your baby you are so nice you nice and I love you a laser that pic get off your phone
121 2 . Reply
Gwen Jones . 2019-12-23
Thank you Gabby
121 2 . Reply
four babie . 2019-12-23
step 1: have perfect nails 😭
121 2 . Reply
Star Riley . 2019-12-22
Good tip of mine is let your nails dry for 20-30 minutes then soak\run them in cold water for a few minutes and then they will be dry! 👍
121 2 . Reply
Heaven Angel . 2019-12-22
Thankyou for this video💞
121 2 . Reply
Kate Beukeman . 2019-12-22
Well... I have just learned I am doing everything I shouldn’t be and that’s why my nail polish is always messed up 😂😂
121 2 . Reply
mxnsoon_101 . 2019-12-20
why are my nails so longggggggg
121 2 . Reply
Pink Panther . 2019-12-20
My left hand always looks amazing and then my right hand nails are like a third grader painted them
121 2 . Reply
Sasss. team . 2019-12-20
No base coat 😢

Oh and No gell😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
121 2 . Reply
love one direction . 2019-12-14
When she says Don't file in both direction make sure your filing in only one direction I love this part
121 2 . Reply
keirafluffyunicorn1 . 2019-12-12
Omg your nails are so long! Mine are sooo short. Can you please give me tips on how to make my nails longer???
121 2 . Reply
Jennie cartier . 2019-12-10
As a nail tech you did a great job polish! It’s all in polish the nails! Thin to win!
121 2 . Reply
42seok . 2019-12-08
which base coat did you use?
121 2 . Reply
Jane Doe . 2019-12-08
What is good for cuticle oil? Any homemade options or good brands?
121 2 . Reply
michelle lesser . 2019-12-06
honestly i paint my nails rly badly then wait like three-four hours then i take a hot shower and i have an exfoliating hand towel for washing my body, then it easily comes off the skin
121 2 . Reply