FoolCraft: Episode 8 - FLUID COW AUTOMATION!

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In this episode of FoolCraft, I work with FLUID COWS. I take the cows I've found and make pens up for them. The pens automatically milk the cows for their resource and put the output in the storage!

Music by Kevin Macleod

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Minecraft FoolCraft Fluid Cow Automation Pen Storage Casting

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Nadim Fatjani . 2017-04-17
how do you get xp by breaking normal blocks? 18:10
121 2 . Reply
Aholibamah . 2017-04-13
Fluid setup is looking great! Have you thought about putting cursed earth in your spawn area?
121 2 . Reply
ThomasGrillo . 2017-04-13
Awe, you're no fun. No guts, no glory. Just vein mine that temple. LOL ;) Thanks for the video. Hope you get over that cold, soon.
121 2 . Reply