Why Do Smoke Detectors And Carbon Monoxide Detectors Need To Be Replaced

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My carbon monoxide detector began to crumble and needs replacing. I asked someone knowledgeable the reason why smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors come with stickers stating a service life. It is hard for me to understand why a piece of electronics with no moving parts needs replacing. This video is worth educating yourself of the reason you should do this.

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Mature Patriot / Vernon Currier . 2018-04-20
Don't just throw smoke detectors in the trash. Most, in the US, contain about 100 grams of americium-241, an alpha emitting radionuclide. There are collection and recycle locations for smoke detectors. Check near you. The radioactive sources are safe if left in the detector before recycle. Do not burn the detectors as the Americium will become airborne in the smoke. - Thanks for this video, it was very informative.
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