How To Prevent Saddle Sores

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Saddle sores can be incredibly painful, but are avoidable even for those who ride their bikes a lot. Here's how to avoid them.
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Chafing and skin abrasions along with spots or boils can really spoil your riding, but saddle sores can be avoided by buying cycling shorts with a pad or chamois that fit you well can help to stop saddle sores.

Make sure that your saddle is comfortable and doesn't make your rear end move around on the saddle. Also chammy cream can help to prevent chafage, especially in the wet.

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    Popular Comments:

Ben G . 2019-12-25
I came here for some biking education, but instead found the comment section entertaining.
121 2 . Reply
Feinchan . 2019-12-09
its ok to double dip just say no homo
121 2 . Reply
Gabriel Miqueias . 2019-10-30
I use park tool multi purpose grease
121 2 . Reply
RRG 25 . 2019-10-25
For me i got ring worm on my crotch
121 2 . Reply
Grey Ghost . 2019-08-17
Buy a recumbent bike
121 2 . Reply
robtk3 . 2019-07-27
Shriveled balls? The climax of this video was rather... anticlimactic.
121 2 . Reply
United we stand divided we fall . 2019-07-15
I’m happy to say that I’m at the age where I don’t care about anything and now wear my bib shorts proudly 😎😝
121 2 . Reply
Oh yeah yeah . 2019-07-09
What about vaseline?
121 2 . Reply
Krane . 2019-07-09
Totally disagree about the underpants. Some guys are susceptible while others are not. It really depends on the type and material. Biking shorts provide cushion but zero support. Besides, some guys complain about supporters being too restricting but they're required if you play the sport. Always wore underpants and never had a saddle sore in my life. Didn't even know what they were before this.
121 2 . Reply
A C.P . 2019-07-02
3:35 - shaving your balls...LOL... somebody took taking this cycling stuff a bit too serious... :D :D
121 2 . Reply
graceoverall . 2019-06-05
Is it normal to get mild chaffing for a new cyclist? Is that just my body getting used to a saddle? I wear regular Lee cargo shorts and boxers and for starters only commute to work about 13 minutes each way. I'm working my way up because it's been ages since I've ridden, but never a road bike. Is this a uniquely road-bike issue?
121 2 . Reply
trolly omega polie . 2019-04-25
Can i wear them under shorts
121 2 . Reply
radio ron santos . 2019-04-14
But there is no friction for me just seat hard i bought a pad still hurts sit on
121 2 . Reply
ChEeSyBoOfS . 2019-04-06
Love the candidness of these videos, we're all adults here ....
121 2 . Reply
Justice Junky . 2019-04-03
Can we buy GCN cycling shorts from you?
121 2 . Reply
Richard Fry . 2019-01-22
Manuka honey cured my sores and then prevented any further sores. Just add a little water and spread on your undercarriage before your ride. Use a high quality one. It's the best antiseptic you can get.
121 2 . Reply
Kevin Michael Easter's Multiplex . 2018-11-25
Very handsome speaker.
121 2 . Reply
Reckless Rickey . 2018-10-02
do you put it on your anus? yes no anyone?
121 2 . Reply
Connie Back . 2018-09-16
The key thing mentioned in the video is "clean." Clean body and clean shorts is all you need. It's the bacteria that cause irritation.
121 2 . Reply
TubeEsq . 2018-09-03
You wear a male sport Thong under your bib shorts to provide support, prevent chaffing, and prevent injury during a cycling event. Jockey.com makes an excellent one for men for many years.
121 2 . Reply
The dancing Alien . 2018-07-08
Vaseline is slideingly good
121 2 . Reply
Javor Georgiev . 2018-06-26
They feel incredibly comfortable when on the bike, but when I'm walking, the pad compresses between my legs and pushes up into my testicles a bit, which hurts kinda. Is that supposed to be normal? Again, I have absolutely no issues with them when seated. Just like the shoes, they're awful to walk in. Good thing I have no intention of strutting around town with my cycling kit on.
121 2 . Reply
Josh Pendley . 2018-06-21
Don’t double dip!!!
121 2 . Reply
Deezee Saivate . 2018-06-11
121 2 . Reply
Deezee Saivate . 2018-06-11
121 2 . Reply
Rob K . 2018-05-18
use CamelinaGold oil on you groin as a skin conditioner. CamelinaGold oil has many beneficial properties that protect the skin from chaffing and saddle soars. And if you get one because you forgot to apply the day before, use it to help with the healing process.
121 2 . Reply
Dannie's Daze . 2018-04-26
question: if you dont wear pants under your shorts, what about bras? Emma, video needed!
121 2 . Reply
SuperBylzo . 2018-04-19
Ive tried all of these suggestions, cant stop getting saddle sores though.
121 2 . Reply
Gary Turbo . 2018-03-20
121 2 . Reply
Andro mcclintock . 2018-02-24
my bum hurts
121 2 . Reply
Dave Bike . 2018-02-14
I was riding to go pro back in the 80's. Whilst riding with the pros in Portugal a well known rider told me the secret!!! I have never had since then any trouble!!! Will GCN agree??
121 2 . Reply
Michael Bergantzel . 2018-02-12
This is the best GCN video Si will ever do. Dead panned, just as it should be.
121 2 . Reply
Alex Jones Freedum Worrier . 2018-02-07
Its not my arse. Its the upper leg just underneath my arse cheeks.
121 2 . Reply
Paul W . 2018-01-23
RIP my balls
121 2 . Reply
Victoria Hyacinthe . 2017-11-25
I don’t have sores nor chafing my crotch hurts it’s like I was kicked or punched in the crotch not my ass
121 2 . Reply
Aleksa Gaming . 2017-10-29
how not to get a saddle sore ride out of the saddle its the cheapest and you will improve quite a bit
121 2 . Reply
Shaarang Tanpure . 2017-10-06
Another tip, use baby oil regularly. Your ass will thank you for it.
121 2 . Reply
Anmol Kudariya . 2017-10-04
How should I protect my balls
121 2 . Reply
ianyams . 2017-09-03
Is it ok for for my mate to apply his cream on my ass? Or is that all kinds of wrongs too.
121 2 . Reply
King Lions . 2017-09-03
I've been cycling for years and i have a hybrid bike which is fab, I do a lot of long distance and touring up and down the country and I have never worn women's leggings or some other stupid tight shorts or shaved my legs like some puff. Due to me been a man I have never ever had saddle sores. I see a lot of guys on the road bikes with shaved legs and tight shorts thinking they are better then you, but none of them can keep pace with me. So that tells me all this Lycra and shaved legs business to be aerodynamic don't work. You have to laugh these Sunday riders that come out thinking they are Chris Hoy are funny.
121 2 . Reply
Susan Tompkins . 2017-07-07
thank you. , I must change my shorts x
121 2 . Reply
Jill Coppack . 2017-06-30
Can't stop laughing at this... useful, definitely, but also utterly hilarious 😅
121 2 . Reply
Igor Bajic . 2017-06-05
THX for all the videos you are making, I learned a lot from them. On the topic of saddle sores, is it important or true that I need to get one of those special saddles that have a hole in the middle, because they apparently do not push on your prostate....
121 2 . Reply
Jeff Dixon . 2017-05-26
Spongy Wonder riders don't have this problem of any of the others bike seats cause.
121 2 . Reply
Dragan Boromisa . 2017-05-07
two pair of bib shorts? i mean one pair of like cyc.undershorts and over thet regular bib.shorts?
121 2 . Reply
Hells Fury . 2017-04-24
Hum...I've always shaved ALL hair down there, and never, ever wear underwire under my cycling shorts. I shave because I'm quite hairy in that area, and if I don't shave, the hair, especially during more intense rides, gets pulled from friction, causing much discomfort and pain. I've never tried the cream, so I might give it a go!
121 2 . Reply
PartyPlace 15 . 2017-04-18
Whenever I got sore I just rode it of. To me my sores are like bruises. Rub them out.
121 2 . Reply
Ian Snyder . 2017-04-17
The sensation of Nair on the balls takes you to within a hair's breadth of panic screaming. There's a first and last time for everything.
121 2 . Reply
davidoffon1 . 2017-04-10
You should be able to tell us what removes the saddle sore boils!! With all your knowledge??
121 2 . Reply
oreosaysb00 . 2017-03-21
If I don't wear underwear under cycling shorts, what do I do when I get a boner?
121 2 . Reply