Hold Your Horses: Meaning of Expression

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Hold your horses is one of the most common English idioms. Find out the meaning of this expression and how it is used, with sentence examples. Then, learn its origin.

Although the idiom is usually "hold your horses" it can be used in the third person such as "tell him to hold his horses."

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English idioms are types of English sayings, expressions, or phrases. However, an idiom is different from other sayings or expressions. It is a phrase that behaves more like a word. The meaning of an idiom is not always easy to tell based on the words used. They are groups of words which mean something different than they appear to mean.

Note on idiom origins: Rarely do we know the exact point of origin for a particular idioms. Usually, historical research is used to understand why the context of a particular idiom and how and why it came about. Therefore, idiom history is much the same as idiom origin. However, some few idioms can be traced to one person or event.

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