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Media rooms are popular in luxury homes but the trends are changing relative to design and features. Hunter Dehn of HD Realty shares some current trends for custom homes which make the space more flexible and functional.

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Gary Palm . 2019-02-05
I think we're talking about apples and oranges here. I don't pay much attention to Trends and I don't think anybody should. Do what works for you. But this is not Reinventing the wheel this is basically going back to a multi-purpose room is basically a living room or family room. Which is fine if that's what works for you. I still feel that just as many people want a dedicated movies. We enjoy our dedicated home theater and we have enough space to still entertain and have a social game environment.
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cecilia white . 2019-02-02
i notice people are doing sectionals in home theaters now
121 2 . Reply
MONISA MONTOYA . 2019-01-03
I bought a home with a media room and immediately realized that it was a limited use of space. Maybe years ago when families would all sit and watch the same film or tv show together this was a value but today's variety of mobile media is everywhere and seldom would a family gather in one place, at one time, to watch the same film and make a dedicated room valuable. I opted to add a window to the room which is still available for watching old slides and family movies on wide screen but allows the room also to have other uses.
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