CD&T Vaccine for Goats

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CD&T or simply CDT is pretty much the only vaccination that I give my goats. It is a once per year booster shot. I give it to my pregnant does about 30 days before they are due to start kidding for the year.

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    Popular Comments:

Antonio Chiquito . 2020-04-03
Wow thank you for the demonstration ๐Ÿ‘ it was really helpful
121 2 . Reply
Abe Hostetter Jr. . 2019-11-17
Hey Daniel what size needle do you use for your vaccinations?
121 2 . Reply
Renee Rueppel . 2019-10-08
What kind of dog is Bear?
121 2 . Reply
Glen Earnest . 2019-08-05
I would only add that needle size should be discussed. For example, a 21 X1 gauge needle is fine for adult goats but I would never use on a 4 week old. A 23g would be appropriate for smaller goats. Also, never, ever re-cap at anytime. :)
121 2 . Reply
Renew Your Mind . 2019-07-19
My goat weighs as much as me ๐Ÿ˜‚ I've flipped her over a few times when she tried to head butt me, but I doubt I could hold her still for vaccines. Haven't had her long enough to vaccinate her yet. Crazy untrained 2 year old...but she's so much better now that we've went through one milking cycle & weaned her babies. She once saw me sweeping the milk stand & broke her leather collar, ran across the yard & dove onto the milk stand. She looked at me with disgust because her pellets weren't in the feed pan. I just milked her 15 min prior to this. Lol she's both a pain in my rear & the goofy goat of my herd.
121 2 . Reply
CichlidAddiction . 2019-06-24
Where do you buy your vaccine and needles from. I am getting two goats this week and they had their first shot but my understanding is they need a booster the first year around 12 weeks. Does that sound correct?
121 2 . Reply
T.E.M. 4491 . 2019-06-24
My vet does the CD-T injection in the armpit so they can walk out the soreness. I also give my goat a rabies injection. I love my goat so much.
121 2 . Reply
Bustamante Fam . 2019-05-11
Hi Daniel, i was wondering how long you gotta wait to be able to eat a goat after giving them a cdt? Hope someone can answer
121 2 . Reply
Annah Kurtin . 2019-04-20
Vaccines can cause autism. I'm turnin' u in.
121 2 . Reply
Blare Adams . 2019-04-15
Hahahaha DanieL l didn't see you givin old JERK FACE a shot, do you think he would stand between your legs, that could prove dangerous lol lol lol
" Sheila " Bye Bye
121 2 . Reply
Colleen the CatLady . 2019-03-30
What about boy goats???
121 2 . Reply
BAnn Laughlin . 2019-03-26
Just like doing dogs or pigs
121 2 . Reply
sue mcfarlane . 2019-03-23
You donโ€™t vaccinate for pulpy kidney or blacleg these are the two biggest killer of sheep here in australia so we do our lambs at marking time in fact because we use a cradle to tip the lamb upside down bum toward the outside the cradle hold four lambs each in its own section and the the the whole thing sins around so the person castrating can stand at one spot the tail docker at another and the vaccinations in a itโ€™s own spot it make the whole exercise easy but Iโ€™ve been vaccinated for pulpy kidney but had no ill affects
121 2 . Reply
Kylee Claxton . 2019-03-22
I think your videos are really cool
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer Delaney . 2019-03-13
Although I had to cut away the hair on my half cashmere goat to deliver - with your help - I did it. (I've never given an animal a shot.) I watched a lot of videos, and the others that I saw treated the animals roughly, like they were objects. With all my heart I appreciate the loving way you treat your animals! You are going to be the inspiration for this week's blog post! I'm a trauma counselor. By the way, I left the horns on my two goats as well. Thanks for the info and your kind spirit.
121 2 . Reply
Frankie Pham . 2019-03-04
Is shot for worm
121 2 . Reply
greginfla . 2019-02-24
How profitable are goats? ๐Ÿ I have a couple as pets. But would be interested in more of a farm than a zoo.
121 2 . Reply
Deb Lawson . 2019-02-21
Being a retired firefighter I did alot of tech. rescue, Long story short I'm a tiny woman 5'4" about a 120 lbs (yes I was 1st in to a fire lol) but I use alot of rope systems to help me when things are to heavy or kritters are alot bigger 3-1 or-4-1 systems work well and you can built those systems into anything you want and/or need. Don't know about tech rescue rope systems go to your local fire dept. and ask for some info. fire fighters like to help it's what we do. (just like Staters, LOL right???)
121 2 . Reply
Kimberly Stephens . 2019-01-28
very helpfull thank you
121 2 . Reply
rusty may . 2019-01-25
Bear for president.
121 2 . Reply
Benedict Christian Monasterial . 2018-12-31
how about the billie?
121 2 . Reply
Michael Petersen . 2018-12-29
you should never recap a needle
121 2 . Reply
Evelyn Goodshot-segovia . 2018-12-28
What is CD&,t?
121 2 . Reply
Jessica Thrond . 2018-12-05
Hello im here again I got 3 weeks babies goats how old they have to have to give the first shots thanks
121 2 . Reply
Shalio Plantation . 2018-11-12
Thank you for the great information!! Need to do this soon.
121 2 . Reply
enrique villalobos . 2018-11-11
THANKS!!! this is very helpful! I wouldnt put air into the sterile bottle though
121 2 . Reply
Leslie Medina . 2018-09-29
have a future plan for a shmall goat farm. have watched your videos for tips ๐Ÿ‘ thanks
121 2 . Reply
snapstring . 2018-09-19
LOL. Bear is a riot. I think he does a better job of interrupting you than Houston.
121 2 . Reply
Mommy's Life . 2018-09-15
121 2 . Reply
JAS Aquatic Designs . 2018-08-19
Mr know it all thank u for sharing
121 2 . Reply
Carrie Teague . 2018-07-17
I didnt see u change a needle from the one u drew the medicine with. They will love u if u dont use that needle. The rubber on the medicine bottle dulls the needle. But if u dont thats fine to. Ive done it both ways. And a fresh needle they dont seem to holler and jump as much. Lol. Love ur videos!
121 2 . Reply
Zackery Verren . 2018-07-08
Do u have to use a fresh needle every time. And is that the only medicine u have to give them. And is it possible to just feed them what u grow on the farm. Maybe separate paddocks and plant food for them.
121 2 . Reply
Alamo City Scrapping . 2018-06-28
I'm yet to do this on my goat heard the male is really mean lol. I have mostly Boer goats they are intense lol
121 2 . Reply
rym la biche . 2018-06-26
ุฑุญ ุชุฎุฑ
121 2 . Reply
peter kamau . 2018-05-05
Thank you for the Tips. How long should I wait before butchering a goat after giving CD&T vaccine? I am also raising meat goats boer, what are your other meds recommendations for meat goats?
121 2 . Reply
Renong Eder . 2018-04-16
Very Nize Job Sir..
121 2 . Reply
sue mcfarlane . 2018-03-30
Bear the goat is first in line
121 2 . Reply
sue mcfarlane . 2018-03-30
Most vaccines need to be kept in the fridge so donโ€™t waste your money by storing them the wrong way
121 2 . Reply
K. Durank . 2018-03-09
121 2 . Reply
Cee Park . 2018-02-01
Great job giving shots by yourself. I put my goats in the milk stand but the Boer goats are too big so I will have to find another way of keeping them from moving around.
121 2 . Reply
Jati B . 2017-12-28
Good evening, how many acres do you have?
121 2 . Reply
John Hunter . 2017-12-19
Good info!ย  Animal husbandry can be a chore by yourself.ย  Give it a few years and Houston can help!Bear has definitely warmed up huh?
121 2 . Reply
Someone Somewhere . 2017-12-16
I used to give my dogs their injections. The only thing the gov. wouldn't let me give on my own were their rabies vac. It's a lot cheeper doing these things yourself.
121 2 . Reply
Stoney Ridge Farmer . 2017-12-16
Shots are no fun! (says the man nurse)
121 2 . Reply
Ed Kirkpatrick . 2017-12-15
Good info today Daniel, time to think about that high fence for the garden
121 2 . Reply
1 Day At A Time . 2017-12-15
Daniel how about a funny goat story lol.God Bless
121 2 . Reply
Mar Barnes . 2017-12-15
You do know why your dogs are camera hogs? Because you squat down to talk on camera, that puts you at their level. Any time you get down, they will want to love on ya, camera or not. :)
121 2 . Reply
Suz Brewer . 2017-12-15
Great instructional video. Love that Bear always trying to steal the show!
121 2 . Reply
Nicole Camp . 2017-12-15
Do you still have your boer buck? We raise 4h show goats and itโ€™s a blast watching the kids ๐Ÿ I can see you doing it with your kids down the road
121 2 . Reply
My Mini Farm . 2017-12-15
Great job on the goats, I been seeing you give them good care.
121 2 . Reply